Country music can lead to suicide

According to foreign media reports, roller coasters can treat asthma, love is no different from bad obsessive-compulsive disorder, and coffee drinkers may see the dead. This sounds very strange and absurd, but it is a “medical discovery” painstakingly researched by some scientists.

can you have bad feet? none

Sweat and bacteria are more or less left on the soles of people’s feet, but the extent of your foot odor mainly depends on how you feel. In 1992, several researchers from the Shiseido research center in Yokohama, Japan, won the funny Nobel Prize for their innovative research – “description of foot odor compounds”. They have made enlightening conclusions in their research – people who think they have bad feet have bad feet, and people who think they don’t have bad feet don’t.

inflatable dolls can also spread sexually transmitted diseases

In 1996, two researchers from Greenland were invited to Harvard University in the United States to carry out a study. In 2007, their research results were published in the journal urogenital medicine and won the funny Nobel Prize. The title of the study was: “gonorrhea can be transmitted through inflatable dolls”.

coffee drinkers are prone to hallucinations

A study has found that those who love drinking coffee very much are likely to hallucinate or feel the “existence of the dead”. This study by the University of Durham in the UK tested 200 students and found that students who drank a lot of coffee were more likely to see and hear strange things. Those who drank more than seven cups of coffee a day had three times more hypersensory experiences than those who drank a small amount of coffee.

teeth teeth eyes ball” makes blind people see again bright

A man in Britain has been blind for 12 years. After receiving an operation, he can see again. What is more surprising is that his new eyes are his own teeth! A 42 year old British worker was injured in a liquid aluminum explosion and had to have his left eye removed. During the surgical treatment, the doctor pulled out a segment of his living teeth and transplanted it into the orbit. At the same time, the artificial eye lens was placed in a small hole chiseled in the center of the canine tooth, and then a small piece of skin tissue was extracted from the mouth and implanted into the orbit to ensure the blood supply to the eyes. Two weeks after the operation, he recovered his sight.

country voice leko causes people to commit suicide

In 2004, a research report by two college students won the funny Nobel Prize. The title of the research was “the influence of country music on suicide”. Two social psychologists found that the more country music played by radio stations in cities, the higher the probability of white people committing suicide.

passionate love none is different from bad obsessive compulsive disorder

For lovers in love, it would be very romantic to give her a bouquet of roses on a beautiful moonlit night. However, for your girlfriend, perhaps this kind of love is “bothering” like a disease. A study conducted by a research team led by a psychiatrist at the University of Pisa in Italy shows that romantic love is difficult to distinguish from patients with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder from a biochemical point of view. This research was published in the Journal of psychosomatic medicine and won the funny Nobel Prize in 2000.

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