How to calculate the best marriage age

To “formulate” emotional problems is a topic that many researchers around the world are doing at present, with the aim of finding out more regular things in marriage. Recently, Australian scholars introduced the formula of marriageable age, which is said to be very accurate, and many men unconsciously practice it.

the formula is as follows: the age when you first considered marriage (P), and the latest marriage period you think (n). Marriage age formula: (n-p) × 0.368﹢P。

In fact, there have been many so-called formulas in marriage. The former “ideal couple formula” and “Divorce Couple formula” have also caused a lot of controversy around the world. These two formulas are as follows:

ideal couple formula: the woman has a higher education than the man + the woman is at least 5 years younger than the man + the couple’s first marriage;

Divorce Couple formula: the woman has a lower education than the man + the man is at least 5 years younger than the woman + one of them is divorced.

Let’s interpret these two formulas: the woman should have higher education than the man. Modern science has proved that if the wife of a family has a higher education, the members of the family will live longer, because her learning experience allows her to understand more science. In addition, Mrs. Kochi knows better how to face life problems rationally, and having a wife with a higher education level than herself, as a husband, will pay more attention to her. Unfortunately, in the traditional Chinese concept, when a woman marries, she has to ask the other party to surpass her in all aspects. In fact, this is also a woman’s self destructive capital. You know, education is a woman’s decent dowry. But ability is a man’s most valuable capital.

There is also the issue of age. The age gap between men and women is not written on the face, but engraved in the heart. There is such a rule that any woman who marries a “little husband” will always have an inferiority complex to a certain extent. It is this mentality that will ultimately lead to the failure of marriage. Therefore, age is a woman’s most confident capital. In marriage, a woman’s self-confidence is the key to happiness. A wife five years younger is more likely to be happy, not because she is younger, but because she is happier, so she can give happiness to each other.

In addition, the number of marriages between husband and wife is also important to the stability of marriage. If both parties are married for the first time, it will be easier to ensure the quality of marriage. If both parties have divorce experience, the stability of remarriage is almost the same as that of first married couples. However, if one party has been married and the other party has no marriage history, such a marriage is the most dangerous. Therefore, young couples should not always talk about “divorce”. They may not be happier after divorce.

It can be seen that the most important thing between feelings is “psychological balance”. A woman’s self-confidence also has to be limited. A good mind ≠ a high heart. Although everyone knows that “mentality is more important than anything”, having a good mentality requires you, at least, not to be too high

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