What are the misunderstandings of whitening and skin care? Daily skin care should be alert to the three major whitening misunderstandings

After the whole summer of ultraviolet radiation, many people’s skin has become dark. We all expect to be white this winter, so we pay special attention to whitening.

How can I come back in vain? Some beauty lovers are more anxious, and sometimes they tend to walk into whitening misunderstandings. Experts remind us to be alert to the three major whitening misunderstandings, and come to understand them quickly! Myth 1: whitening products do not change seasons many beauty loving mm know that they pay attention to whitening and that their whitening lessons are uninterrupted every day, but they ignore the changing seasons of whitening care products.

Although it is very economical to use a bottle of whitening products for a whole year, and it is not easy to cause waste, the temperature and humidity are different throughout the year, and the skin condition may change accordingly. Therefore, if you want to create a fair complexion, mm should still choose whitening products in the season according to the seasons and skin conditions.

Correct method: winter is the coldest and driest season of the year, and it is also the best time for whitening supply. Melanin accumulated for more than half a year is completely cleared in this season! Therefore, in winter, whitening products with whitening effect and moisture should be selected to ensure that the skin can get enough moisture and nourishment in dry winter and provide enough energy for subsequent absorption and metabolism.

Myth 2: the higher the SPF of sunscreen, the better. In winter, under the “cover” of low temperature, the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin seems to be less serious than in summer. But in fact, the ultraviolet rays in winter are still very strong. MM who know how to protect skin must know that they should also adhere to sunscreen in this season.

However, for the choice of sunscreen, is it better to have a higher SPF? Correct method: in fact, highly sunscreen products are more suitable for outdoor activities. It is enough to use sunscreen or isolation products within SPF30 in daily life.

Myth 3: use whitening facial mask containing bleaching ingredients. There are countless whitening facial mask of various brands and selling points in the market, and it is easy for mm to be dazzled when choosing.

If you inadvertently buy a facial mask containing bleach ingredients, it may be said that the gain outweighs the loss.

Although this kind of facial mask can whiten the skin immediately after use, the duration of this whitening is very short, and it is accompanied by damage to skin cells, which is not a healthy whitening method.

Correct method: the skin is fragile in winter. When choosing the whitening facial mask, it is best to choose one containing moisturizing ingredients, which can not only improve the skin quality, but also deeply moisturize the skin while whitening the skin, so as to fully moisturize the skin and make the skin white, shiny and transparent.

You can’t eat hot tofu in a hurry, and whitening can’t be achieved in one day, so you must not be impatient. You must be patient and follow certain steps to choose the right skin care products, and you will gradually get white.

Pay attention to skin care and cleaning at ordinary times, and pay attention to skin hydration in winter to avoid discomfort caused by dryness.

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