The seven most needed men in a woman’s life

a father who regards you as a treasure

First of all, when I was young, I needed a father who regarded her as a treasure. He can lift her high, let her spin and fly in the air, and scatter screams and laughter to every corner of the world.

He can put her on his shoulder and take her to the busiest place in the street, so that she can clearly see the different expressions on the faces of every passer-by.

He could carry her on his back to climb the mountain, panting with sweat, and telling her the name of the brightest little flower on the roadside.

a childhood sweetheart brother

In primary school, she needs a childhood sweetheart to protect her brother. It can be your own brother, the opposite door, upstairs or downstairs, or the son of your parents’ friends, but they must all live close to her home. Then he could take her to school as a matter of course.

When it rains, he will take her hand and run to find a place to hide from the rain. If someone bullied her, he would drop his schoolbag and fight with that person, then dry the stains and blood on his face and severely teach him: “if you dare to bully her again, I will not finish with you!”

a handsome boy with a secret crush on him

After growing into a girl, you need a handsome boy who you secretly like in your heart. It must be one that can attract a lot of people’s eyes, and it can make you feel a lot of glory.

There will be more ups and downs in the diary. He can like her or not, and what matters is that she likes it. She would write her in her locked diary, and then ponder over every word and line of him, tossing and turning.

a boyfriend who loves her vigorously

In the season of love, we need a boyfriend who can talk about love vigorously. No matter whether there will be an end in the future, we must fight hard and love deeply, so that we won’t regret that we didn’t really love anyone when we were young.

At first, we should catch a glimpse of love at first sight, and then go through all kinds of tribulations before we can come together, and then there is the most classic and romantic love in the world.

He can run all the streets in the early morning just to buy her a favorite snack. He could sit on her doorstep all night on a late autumn night. When she opened the door in the morning and saw his frosted hair, tears rushed out, and she vowed to follow him all her life.

an object that can be married

It’s better if it’s the person you loved at the beginning. If not, don’t worry too much. Anyway, as a woman, I have to get married. Living in the process of walking, it seems that marriage is the natural destination of every woman.

Ordinary as grass mustard, gorgeous as rose, light as lily, elegant as Zhilan, others are watching helplessly when she can put on her holy wedding dress and successfully become the most beautiful bride in the world.

That person can be as ordinary as she is, or she can be a treasure that she has painstakingly “gleaned” from the sea of people. In any case, he should be satisfied with marrying a woman like her. From that day on, he regarded her happiness as his own, and then worked tirelessly for their common happiness.

a blue confidant who understands you

In the flat marriage life, she needs a blue confidant who understands her.

If you get married and have children, your status will naturally be greatly discounted. Those flower protection envoys who used to surround us all evaded with interest and saw that they went to other women again. At this time, the man who stood near and far away and could see her from time to time was Lanyan’s confidant.

Whenever there is a difficulty, the first thing that comes to mind must be him, and he can always appear at the right time and save her from suffering or even danger. When everything calmed down, he left quickly.

She doesn’t need to thank this person. Because he knows her best, including the gratitude in her heart.

a person who can accompany you for life

It would be better if it was the first person to marry. If not, don’t worry too much. Happiness and joy are shared together, trials and hardships are passed through together, hardships and hardships are borne together, and success and failure are faced together.

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