Disease omen of eyelid jumping

Experts said that eyelid pulsation is medically called palpebral tremor or palpebral spasm, which is a phenomenon of sudden repeated tremor and spasm caused by autonomic nerve disorder and the fiber part of the orbicularis oculi muscle of the eyelid being affected. Eyelid beating can be divided into physiological and pathological types. The former accounts for the vast majority. It is easy to occur when the eyes are used excessively or tired, the spirit is too nervous, the pressure is too high, and the smoking and drinking are too much. The onset time is short (usually several seconds), and the beating degree is not serious. Pathological eyelid pulsation can be caused by ametropia (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, etc.), intraocular foreign bodies, trichiasis, conjunctivitis, keratitis, etc. it occurs frequently, lasts for a long time, and has a large pulsation range. Some people will even twitch their eyebrows, forehead, corners of the mouth, and even half of the face. In particular, 99% of the eyelid beat caused by facial muscle spasm is caused by the facial nerve that governs the movement of eyelid muscles being compressed and stimulated by intracranial abnormal blood vessels, and 1% is caused by intracranial tumors and arachnoid adhesions stimulating the facial nerve. Therefore, it is also regarded as a sign of intracerebral diseases.

Many people have this idea after their eyelids jump! In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

Eyelid jerk is the twitch of eyelid muscles, that is, the spasm of eyelid muscles. Sometimes it is limited to the upper eyelid or lower eyelid, sometimes it will twitch both upper and lower eyelids, and in serious cases, it will affect facial muscles and muscles in the corner of the mouth.

Professor Deng Fengang of Guangzhou Yaodong Yingzhi ophthalmology explained this physiologically:

The muscle movements of the face and eyelids are controlled by the facial nerve. When the facial nerve is stimulated, it will cause the muscles it controls to twitch. If only the branches that control the eyelids are affected, only eyelid jumping will occur. Therefore, eyelid jumping is not a precursor to disaster, but caused by the abnormal activities of the facial nerve.

why can eyelids jump

※ 1. Recently, I have been in a bad mood for some reason, which makes me feel at a loss; Business failure or investment failure; In the mind, it always indicates that the arrival of certain adverse consequences will cause mental uneasiness, and the facial nerve will be stimulated by certain stimuli, such as swelling, inflammation or scar on the brain to stimulate the facial nerve.

※ 2. If there is chronic inflammation in the eyes, such as conjunctivitis, often rubbing the eyes with your hands will stimulate the muscles of the eyelids, which will also cause eyelid jumping. The lighter ones are mostly related to eye inflammation.

Slight eyelid flutter will only bring some uncomfortable feelings and will not cause adverse consequences. After rest, most of them will subside automatically, and sometimes they need to be supplemented with medication. If conjunctivitis is treated and vitamin B and B6 are supplemented, the discomfort is more obvious if the upper and lower eyelids jump. What’s more, serious upper and lower eyelids jump can cause inability to open the eyes, and the affected eyes are in a spasmodic closed state, which will inevitably affect the vision and cause mental distress of patients. But will not adversely affect life or health.

Warm tip: at present, to treat this kind of extensive muscle twitch, we mainly supplement a lot of vitamins, pay attention to rest, and ask the neurology department to check whether the facial nerve is compressed and stimulated if necessary.

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