Four secrets women don’t tell men

Women are afraid that their private affairs will be spoken out by men at will, especially if their former lovers know about their lingering relationship. If you want to protect these, you must properly handle the relationship with your “predecessor”.

I. love secrets

Some time ago, fan Zhiwei, Wang Xinling’s ex boyfriend, exposed their private photos and revealed that Wang Xinling, his old love, was “not a virgin at the age of 17”, which caused a hubbub on the Internet. The man of Wang Xinling in front of the camera made her really unbearable. It is said that Wang Xinling broke down and cried bitterly, suspended her work, and the brokerage company also issued a statement to clarify that it did not rule out retaining the right of legal recourse; In addition, there are photos and videos of the animal incident, the source of which is also the exposure of his ex boyfriend on the Internet

A person’s emotional experience can’t be just one. The love affair that has happened is like an irregular pain to a woman. Words like “ex boyfriend” and “ex husband” will awaken the feelings hidden in their hearts when they hear them, which make women tangle and toss. The reason is mixed with a worry about the past.

Women are afraid that their private affairs will be spoken out by men at will, especially if their former lovers know about their lingering relationship. If you want to protect these, you must properly handle the relationship with your “predecessor”.

The most taboo is “knife mouth tofu heart”. When a man and a woman break up, they count each other’s crimes, which is tantamount to making an enemy for themselves. In particular, don’t talk about “money” and “sex”. These two are men’s self-esteem. A woman who takes away all his self-esteem when she breaks up will not care if she is treated any worse!

II. Secrets of life

Most modern people believe in the principle of “I am the master of my territory”. But in life, there are often two girlfriends who disclose secrets, which finally make their love powerless.

Every time Linda is in love, she will introduce her boyfriend to her best friend. One is to let her best friend check the gate, and the other is to hope that the person she likes can be accepted by her good friend. Fortunately, in the end, Linda’s boyfriend and her best friend became good friends. But what Linda can’t stand is that her best friend will always tell her boyfriend some of Linda’s privacy consciously or unconsciously.

For example, my best friend once told Linda’s current boyfriend in the conversation that Linda’s family owed a foreign debt due to her father’s death at an early age. As a result, her previous boyfriend broke up with Linda on the grounds that the family situation was too complicated. This made Linda feel bad.

Later, although her best friend sincerely apologized to Linda, she said that it was completely unintentional, which proved to be unusual. But she will still talk about Linda’s privacy from time to time in her future relationship with her boyfriend.

Although some private events in women’s lives are not so harmful after they are spread, they will still cause psychological torture to a certain extent.

In terms of governance, a woman should reduce the secrets she shares with her best friend as much as possible, unless you are really sure that she is really your “best friend”. Show off less among female friends, and don’t always pose with a strong sense of superiority. So as not to cause widespread jealousy of others and thus harm you. Women’s evils are “compared” to each other, and they want to live a stable life — to be calm.

III. workplace secrets

If you think you can talk about privacy issues with your boss and get closer, you are very wrong. When Xiao Wu first entered the workplace, she was naive. One day, she went to hand in a report to her boss. At the door of the office, she happened to see her boss arguing with her husband on the phone. When she saw me, the two of them were embarrassed. I quickly quit and closed the door for my boss.

In fact, Xiao Wu has handled everything very well so far, but the next day she met her boss in the canteen. Xiao Wu asked, “are you all right?” and the boss’s face immediately changed.

Xiao Wu didn’t understand. He went back to talk about it with his colleagues. The colleagues said: the boss’s privacy is not wanted to be known by employees, and what you see is not a good thing. Unexpectedly, colleagues are also big speakers of the company and gossip people at ordinary times. Another day, the whole company knew that the boss and her husband had a conflict.

Secrets can be talked about, but the key is how to talk about them. Not all private topics are suitable for sharing with colleagues, and improper topic selection may cause you some trouble. Maybe you will give people the impression of being impolite, and make people think that you are open-minded and careless. If it is heard by an interested third party again, the consequences may be serious enough to affect your personal and professional reputation.

The secrets of the workplace are related to the success or failure of the business, whether the privacy involved belongs to the private or corporate affairs of the company. When a woman is in the professional field, she should know how to “control her mouth” and not let others think that you are a man of eight qualifications.

Although it is impossible to have secrets in the workplace, it is better to say less. Often, the privacy disseminated by the company is not clear, and it is impossible to say who is true and who is false in the end. You’re the one who’ll catch up with you!

IV. thought secret

Women’s mystery will fascinate men and make them want to stop. Where does the mystery of women come from? A woman with a story in her heart is undoubtedly mysterious. Of course, the so-called women with stories are not the indecent things that were once “hard to say and impossible to say”, but the thoughts that women accumulate and precipitate in their hearts over time.

A woman’s knowledge lies not in her abundance, but in her ability to use it. Let men know that you are a man with a mind. If you inadvertently show some moves, men will look at you with new eyes. But don’t always talk about these thoughts.

If you show yourself to be a thoughtful woman every day, men will only regard you as a dull female scholar; Only a woman who shows a little “sophistication” once in a while can make a man really feel your mystery. In the face of the man you love, you should learn to control your desire to talk. Let the man treat you as a book that he doesn’t understand but attracts him to explore in depth. For women, it will be fascinating for a lifetime.

Entering the era of privacy, women should have a little “privacy awareness”. You should learn not to let men see through you at a glance. This is not a trick, but the secret of making your life happy!

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