What should you do if you fall in love with your boss?

For girls in the workplace, stories of falling in love with their boss are common. No matter how romantic the cause of the story is, he may give you a favorable glance on the day of your interview; Or, at the moment you walk into the office, you give him smart eyes. There are endless love stories between working girls and bosses, but there are always a few who want their dreams to come true. Most of them are obsessed with the lost, and cherish the lost love in the pain of loss. It is not until they wake up that they realize that it is not love, but an illusion of love.

Emotional story

I was recommended by my friends to work as a secretary in this decoration company. It is said that Chen kaicaihua, the boss, has become a rising star in the industry in just a few years, so I became the new assistant of this dashing boss with full of enthusiasm.

Chen Kai really deserves his reputation as a business wizard. His correct judgment on business opportunities and his decisive and capable style of action often amaze me. I, with my eloquence and sharp reaction ability, have contributed to his success. We are the golden partners in the eyes of the insiders, but the most important thing is that we appreciate each other, and the knowing smile when we agree is enough to prove it.

In the early spring, I helped Chen Kai to negotiate a large contract. On the night of signing the contract, Chen Kai proposed to go to a small celebration. So I went into the “time bar” with him. He asked for a glass of red wine and I asked for a cup of cappuccino. We sat opposite each other in the dim light. His humorous language made me laugh several times. Laughing, I suddenly have an inexpressible feeling. When I face his eyes again, I feel uneasy and my face is hot. Fortunately, the dim light hides my abnormality. What’s wrong with me? Could it be that I fell in love with him unprepared for the long-term love?

It seems that the strong smell of coffee awakened my reason, and I pretended not to say: talk about your private affairs. Chen Kai replied generously: “I’m very lucky to have married a good wife. I have family, love, affection and love. It definitely meets the standard of” Four Haves “in the new era.” Then there was a happy smile. My heart twitched like a needle, and my face became more and more ugly. I hypocritically raised my glass and said, “Congratulations, both career and family have a good harvest.”

He smiled and took a sip of wine and asked me, “do you have a boyfriend? Can I introduce one for you?”

I smiled sadly: “my ex boyfriend has become a yellow crane flying to Britain. Why, what do you recommend to me? How does it compare with you?”

Before Chen Kai could speak, I said, “if I’m not like you, I’d better get rid of it.”

Then I stared straight into his eyes, making his smile unnatural. Then I lowered my head and took a sip of coffee, so that my long hair covered my blushing face.

When I left the bar, it was cold in the middle of the night. I cried out deliberately: “how cold! Boss, please help me!” Then I lifted his windbreaker and went into his arms. But Chen Kai just patted me on the shoulder magnanimously, hugged me with his hand, and then took off his windbreaker and put it on me. My happy heartbeat turned into disappointment and depression. I know he has understood my heart. However, the fence he erected could not hurt him, but blocked my progress.

When I faced him again, I became like a girl at the beginning of my love. I began to observe him carefully, collect information related to him, carefully arrange his daily work, and help him deal with things big and small in the company. I do his business and private affairs well. His happy expression is the honey I drink. However, Chen Kai seemed to get along with me as usual as if nothing had happened, without any embarrassment or hint. It was only when he came back from going out and pushed the door of the office open that he saw me holding his windbreaker tightly and kissing it heartlessly that his eyes showed deep concern.

So, he began to alienate me deliberately. First, he transferred me to be the director of the public relations department and recruited another secretary himself. Then his wife, who seldom appeared, began to come to the company often. Although the woman was not as young and beautiful as I was, she was dignified and kind. They stood together, not a pair of perfect people, but a pair of beautiful couples.

On May Day, Chen Kai sent gifts to everyone. What he gave me was a CD-ROM of an old movie rolling mortals. That night, I was taken to that ancient love story. I saw Lin push Qin on the passenger ship to Taiwan. Qin became the only owner of the ticket, but Lin himself stayed on the mainland forever. Because she knew that Qin Ru would face an unknown outcome if she stayed. When it was impossible for them to leave at the same time, she chose to stay, which was the best choice for him and her. When Lin’s figure was gradually swallowed up by the rolling crowd, and when Qin turned around and frantically looked for Lin, my tears fell.

After I went to work, I quietly sorted out my things and handed a resignation letter to Chen Kai’s secretary. There was only one sentence on it: because only leaving can make you better, so I chose to leave. Dear, please bless me.

The art of Liberation

“Operational research” boss’s wisdom

In the workplace, it can’t be said that employees can’t love the boss, but one thing is that if you always love the outcome of a hurt, it’s best to sum up experience and learn the wisdom of the boss. First, to keep the initiative in the employment relationship; Second, even if you really love your boss, you can know yourself and your opponent and have a definite aim.

Understand the relationship between employees and bosses

The relationship between female employees and male bosses is very special, because they are of the opposite sex, with the coldness of employment relations and the attraction of male female relations. Understand the former, so that you can master the principle of being neither humble nor overbearing; Knowing the latter can create attraction appropriately.

Let nature take its course and get better

Letting nature take its course and getting better should be a common sense for every woman in love, especially for “boss love”. Because you and your boss have a lot of interests, only after you understand each other can you transcend the interests of your work relationship and enter into human communication. At this time, any approach that is eager for success may give people the impression of being eager for quick success and instant benefit, but it is easier to attract people with an ordinary heart.

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