Healthy whitening foods nourish white and tender skin. Which foods can nourish white and tender skin

What to eat to nourish white and tender skin Asian women always want to be white. Big s also said that “I want to be white completely”. In addition to natural skin, whether the diet is correct or not is also a factor affecting the whiteness and tenderness of skin. The most important point is to eat less photosensitive plants. Let’s learn about it together!

The so-called photosensitive plant is that the chemical substances in the plant help to absorb ultraviolet rays, and ultraviolet rays are one of the culprits that make the skin black and long spots! Celery, coriander, white radish and so on belong to photosensitive vegetables, which will cause pigmentation. Conversely, what should I eat to help whiten? In addition to fruits and vegetables containing a large amount of vitamin C, such as cherries, lemons, kiwifruit, strawberries and pineapples, cabbage, green peppers, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, brown rice, oats, soybean sprouts, peas, etc., are rich in a variety of vitamins, which directly or indirectly contribute to the whitening effect, and are also the best whitening vegetables and fruits.

In addition, the following must drink fruit juices are helpful for whitening.

Cabbage and pineapple juice

Ingredients: 6 cabbage leaves, 1 / 4 pineapples, a little lemon juice and reed juice, honey and ice boiled water.

How to do it: add cabbage and pineapple, add ice water to make juice, and then filter. Add lemon juice, reed juice and honey according to your preferences.

Tomato and pineapple juice

Ingredients: 2 pineapples, 1 tomato, proper amount of honey and iced water, and a little lemon juice.

How to do it: pour pineapple, tomato, water and honey into the juicer together, stir, filter and then drink.

Watermelon cassia seed juice

Materials: two large pieces of watermelon, a little lemon juice and honey, and 5g cassia seed.


1. First brew cassia seeds with 500cc of hot water and let them cool.

2. Pour watermelon lemon juice and honey into the blender to stir, filter and pour cassia tea.

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