Workplace gives more opportunities for extramarital affairs

The workplace provides more opportunities for extramarital affairs. Obviously, men and women go on long business trips and have long meetings together, can they not collide and spark? Can’t you feel the attraction from each other? Moreover, American researchers also found that in the United States, before 1985, the divorce rate of working women and full-time wives was the same, but between 1985 and 1992, the divorce rate of working women was 40% higher than that of full-time wives.

The workplace has become the place where married people are most likely to have affairs. More and more men and women’s marriages have broken down because of office love. Once married men and women have no sexual constraints and boundaries, they will not be far from divorce. After marriage, both men and women are eager to have a new opposite sex to bring them new romance. Obviously, their spouse can’t bring them this freshness. When you become friends with a heterosexual in the office, you will slip into the misunderstanding of extramarital love if you are not careful.

An American social research worker conducted a study among 210 disloyal partners and found that 82% of men or women had become good friends with a certain opposite sex in the workplace at the beginning, just friends, but gradually this kind of friendship sublimated.

In today’s workplace, the stories between old bosses and young secretaries are too old to be true. The new generation is the stories of office love between married professionals of the same age. Do you think, men and women work together to conquer one fortress after another in a stressful working environment. They go to have coffee and lunch together during work breaks, talk about personal matters at home from work. In addition, married people are all past people, and they respond to sexual calls

In fact, although they yearn for this kind of other romance, many of the parties are very happy in their marriages. They have no idea of divorce, but just want to relive the romance. What is more ridiculous is that almost all couples think that only having sex with others is a signal that he or she has betrayed their marriage, so they ignore the correction before sexual betrayal.

How to protect marriage?

Although today’s workplace provides more opportunities for extramarital affairs, it does not mean that all working people’s marriages are dangerous. You should know that a healthy marriage must be open and transparent within the marriage, clear the boundaries of loyalty outside the marriage, and clear what you can’t do; We must have a sense of responsibility and commitment to marriage. A man in a besieged city must learn to restrain himself. You should:

-Don’t imagine yourself with a new opposite sex? As long as there is such an idea, it will lead to the next step of action;

-Stay away from the dangerous situation, because you are easy to be seduced, especially some people are very bad. They envy you when they see that your family is happy, and this envy often deteriorates;

-Keep in touch with your wife (husband) every day;

-Don’t put too much emphasis on personal space. You can share an MSN or email;

-Whether it’s a husband’s friend at work or a wife’s good friend at work, you should become friends of both husband and wife and invite them to your home for dinner

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