Office romance: left to right

Their beauty and amorous feelings stirred the spring water of office rumors.

Everyone is watching the scenery. Who has the heart to work?

There is nothing easier to succeed than to have a clear goal and persevere. Those girls who have set their sights on securing a high-ranking company president within 3 to 5 years after graduation from university and then living a comfortable and superior life as a full-time wife are like guns in hunters’ hands, bullets in the chamber, and are always ready to pull the trigger.

In the eyes of Jiujin old lady, the embodiment of morality in the office, they are undoubtedly the killers of idealistic love and the black sheep of the company’s business. Their formal clothes are always a little smaller, tightly tied to their bodies, and their eyes are shining. It seems that they are scanning signals all the time, and they accidentally encounter so and so’s “O”. Their voice is suddenly soft and charming that they can’t hear it. If they are given business that directly contacts with their leaders, they will be even more uneasy in the neighborhood. When you go to talk to your boss, she must sit gracefully in front of the huge boss, Reporting the work with his flushed cheeks half covered – that kind of hypocrisy (the one with a higher level, once seen through, will also make people feel hypocritical) is disgusting.

Their beauty and amorous feelings stirred the spring water of office rumors. Everyone is watching the scenery. Who has the heart to work? What’s more, it doesn’t matter how much material benefits she has received. The key is that everyone feels that no matter how hard they work, they can’t impress the boss, and they will definitely get less red envelopes than she. What’s the meaning of work? “Vanity!” They were thus spurned.

But who in this world is not vain? You can count with your fingers. One is the seven fairies and the other is the white lady. But first of all, they are not human beings. They have skills to help them. They talk about immortality and think what they want. Second, they read countless people and are respected in the fairy world. They know what they want most. Third, they once enjoyed all the splendor and wealth, and were used to living whatever they wanted. As office girls, how many can be so blessed? Besides, even among the monkeys, the female monkeys like to surround themselves with the monkey king, the center of power, and choose other bridegrooms after the second place. This can only be said to be the atavism of mankind.

And this is the result of social education for girls.

We sang loudly that knowledge changed our destiny, and we overcame difficulties and passed the test to enter the University. But has our destiny really changed? We still have to live a life of being dependent on others. We should look at the boss’s face nervously and wonder whether the direction of the market waves will endanger our less happy life. We thought that the favored son of heaven must have an iron shoulder after he left the University. How could we know that a cat with chicken feathers was waiting for us behind the door.

For many girls from ordinary families, marriage is more likely to change their fate, and they are more confident. In this rational and pragmatic society, being able to marry your own boss can be said to be the best way to achieve cost value ratio. First, I understand. In the eyes of colleagues and in the mouth of the office trumpet, the behavior of leaders is always more reliable than transnational marriage and registration as soon as they meet. Secondly, safety. If there is any accident, he can escape the monk but not the temple. His family in this company is also a constraint and guarantee. Finally, I am satisfied. His commanding demeanor and commanding manner towards his subordinates are enough to make girls feel happy and greatly satisfy their vanity.

But sometimes, if you want to plant flowers, they will not grow. If you don’t want to plant willows, they will become Yin. Originally, I was disgusted with office romance. I firmly believed that love should go left, and work should go right. But after a round, I still met the office and unfortunately fell in love with my boss.

From now on, don’t expect to have a good day! Because everyone will look at her with new eyes overnight, so insidious and scheming. Looking at her innocence and fearlessness towards her boss, she turned out to be a chess game fabricated step by step. “Alas, it seems that power is the greatest temptation for women.”

But now that I am happy, I am not afraid of the situation where I can’t explain everything. Love can move everything, and time can dilute many emotions. When everyone accepts it logically, rumors and discussions will naturally decrease. However, such a woman will soon become the idol of many girls in the office building. After all, how many female clerks do you want? How many diamond princes can you have in a long day? Naturally, the number of people who are affectionate to this girl will suddenly increase. Everyone knows why.

There are more colleagues who get along with each other day and night. Because there is no relationship between the leader and the LED, they have frequent contacts and free exchanges. They know each other because they are familiar with each other, and believe that it is very appropriate to enter the palace of marriage because they know each other.

But this often has nothing to do with romance.

In fact, in the past, we paid attention to the love of colleagues. How else can we say that we share the same ideals? For the same goal, everyone went from all over the country to one unit, and then from one unit to another. My God? What revolutionary forces and passions should be born!

What is a little scary is that the most office romances are ambiguous relationships. It is clear that the envoy has a wife and a husband, but it is inevitable that he will be moved by the truth and will not stop. It’s not easy to avoid trouble every day. Therefore, the torment and repeated development of love, restraint and forbearance have become the main characteristics. Once sprouted, it is like the Yangtze River and the Yellow River surging down uncontrollably. Dating and communication are convenient, and we spend a long time together, which cultivates fertile soil for this warmth.

However, the proportion of such ambiguous relationships that end up fruitless is very high. Passion is easy to pass, and interest disputes and interpersonal relationships in the company often affect the relationship between two people. After all, some people like to make friends from afar and attack at close quarters. If they are close, they will resent each other and miss each other from afar. The wife has been snubbed for a long time, and finally wants to turn back and sing “I still think you’re the best” fawningly.

Office romances are nothing to fuss about. There are you and me in the sea of people, crisscrossed with a variety of love relationships. No matter what kind of love pictures are woven, they all give people the same feeling of suffering and happiness. In addition to the office one night stand, which belongs to sexual harassment, other office romances are all commendable and very interesting. After all, marriage is different from love. Long-term coexistence brings familiar feelings and feelings of relatives. This kind of love has certain factors that make marriage stable and lasting. However, they should also abide by some ethics and rules of the game, and not affect the normal work of others.

Bad result of office romance

1. Lead to extramarital affairs.

2. Both sides are together day and night. Are you tired?

3. I’m distracted at work, so I’ll be thrown out by my boss.

4. If the company already has a “no love” policy, you can wait to be fired.

If you are business competitors, will you win or lose?

6. All day long, it’s like sticking sealing glue. It’s hard to spit out your feelings.

7. When you date your subordinates, others may accuse you of favoritism; If the relationship breaks down, you may be accused of sexual harassment. Dating your boss will put you under siege and leave you speechless in the face of all kinds of unbearable words.

8. Once they break up, both parties can’t be embarrassed.

9. Even if some lovers get married, one of them has to pack up and leave for love.

10. Colleagues will make fun of you two when they are free. They will also be used by office politics when they meet bad people.

Benefits of office romance

1. Get along with your lover day and night to achieve “zero distance”.

2. Men and women work together, and they are not tired.

3. Work more flexibly, and your partner will be willing to provide everything you need.

4. It saves you a lot of time to find a date.

5. Both sides know the root and the bottom, and don’t have to come together wrongly because they don’t understand.

6. The work efficiency is improved, and there is no need to wait for each other.

7. Save gas or taxi fare.

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