Chinese office romance can only be a tragedy!

Nowadays, the competition in society has made the office in turmoil all the time; Therefore, the team spirit in the office is very important. If a team is close, if they are not positioned correctly or have ulterior motives; It is common for men and women to have private affairs in the office.

A social survey conducted by the British in the 1980s showed that 28% of office women had an affair in the office; Half of them said they did not regret it. At the same time, a British women’s website visited 2000 working women aged between 18 and 35; As a result, many respondents said that they had flirted with male colleagues in the office. Some people also believe that flirting in the office is not only good for body and mind; It can also increase confidence in work. Twenty percent of the respondents said that as long as they could get a promotion; They don’t mind “selling their looks” to the boss.

The specific working environment of the office and the pressure of individuals to cope with work provide greater convenience for men and women working in the same space to communicate. While work brings men and women closer, it also brings men and women closer. There is a considerable correlation between work and extramarital affairs, and the office is the most prone place to have extramarital affairs; It is also the place where extramarital affairs are most frequent.

The middle-aged men in the office are in their prime of life, with status and strength; I’m also the most charming. However, it is young women who are often under great pressure in the office. As a result, while helping young women to relieve their stress; It is also the beginning of close contact between men and women. It was originally the concern and shelter of work relations, but it made female colleagues or female subordinates like each other. With the deepening of exchanges, the two sides soon reached the point where they could talk about everything. At this time, as long as a man indulges himself, the emotional “gap” between the two sides will break through quickly; Zero distance physical contact is a natural thing.

Westerners have always been casual about gender relations, which is manifested in their indifference to each other’s sexual behavior; But the Chinese people care about it very much, and at the same time, because of the closed abstinence, some people also indulge; Therefore, many of the erotic stories performed in the office in the past few years are playing with women. Of course, long-term contact; There are also some middle-aged men and young girls or young women who have become the protagonists of love in the office.

Some people think that mixing work and love is a modern fashion. In fact, from the perspective of the Chinese people; This is the beginning of a tragedy. Because Chinese people’s family is a kind of responsibility, while office romance is a kind of illusory romance. The office is the place where you can often meet and contact the same opposite sex. However, it is only an ideal place for romantic people with similar aspirations. Therefore, some corrupt officials in China concluded that: the red flag at home does not fall, and the red flag outside is fluttering; From the beginning, he only had the purpose of playing games.

The culture and concept of Chinese people determine the fruitlessness of office romance; Therefore, once a story is told in the office, it is tantamount to opening a vinegar jar. Mixing work and personal affairs will not only affect the normal relationship between superiors and subordinates or peers; It also makes the work in an embarrassing situation. In order to prevent the stories in the office from getting worse and worse, and avoid improper relationships between men and women affecting the normal operation and efficiency of the company; Quite a number of international organizations have explicitly stipulated that male and female employees are prohibited from dating in the company.

Some institutions have also introduced emotional avoidance policies – that is, if two employees from the same department or working group are suspected of office romance, they need to report to the management department; In order to reallocate one of them.

Shirley, an American psychologist and marriage expert. Glass said: “office lovers often do it unintentionally. Long-term work contact will lead you to fall in love before you realize it.” “When men and women work side by side, it is easy to attract each other. Especially if you find one of your colleagues attractive, you should be more careful.”.

This refers to western culture, but in the concept of Chinese culture; In addition to having ulterior motives, many times it is young women’s love that rises from gratitude; If a man’s will is not firm or there is a rift in the family itself, this is an unrequited love emotion that is most likely to be agreed by both sides.

Chinese culture and Chinese family concept determine the tragedy of office romance; Therefore, in the team competition in modern offices, we must not regard feelings as love; Once office love is formed, it will be the biggest abyss in your life waiting for or welcoming you; There are feelings in the office, but there can’t be love in the office.

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