What changes have early to bed and early to rise brought to life?

“Early to bed and early to rise is good for health” is a good habit we often hear. But now, facing the dual pressure of life and work, we often work overtime, stay up late and catch up on sleep on weekends, resulting in an extremely chaotic biological clock. Try going to bed early and getting up early. Your life will change a lot.

1. The spirit will improve.

Studies have found that early risers usually wake up faster, have a clearer mind, can quickly engage in activities requiring higher attention, are less likely to be sleepy, and are more energetic.

2. Getting better

Of course, staying up late often will cause weight loss and endocrine disorders. Going to bed early and getting up early plus proper exercise makes it difficult to blow balloons.

3. More time

The feeling of sticking to getting up early is that the available time every day seems to be longer than that of people who don’t get up early, because they can do a lot of things in the morning and are efficient. I can go swimming on weekdays, read books, buy vegetables, walk my dog and cook meals on weekends, and then look at my watch. It’s not 9 o’clock.

4. Make your own breakfast every day

There is time to do whatever you want. Even if you don’t do it yourself, the breakfast shop that just opened has all kinds of fresh ingredients. You don’t need to hurry to choose what you like to eat. Aunt is not in a hurry, and there are more stuffed buns in a good mood.

5. Don’t squeeze the bus.

Go out early and take the first bus. No one will fight for your seat and there will be no traffic jam.

6. You can enjoy the sunrise

At 6:00 and 8:00 in the morning, it’s completely two worlds. You will see the rising sun, which is full of positive energy. You will see how the hawkers set up their stalls and hear the sanitation aunt sing

7. High efficiency in the morning

When “night owls” are bleary eyed, the early risers may have completed morning running, breakfast and a lot of business. For more challenging activities of the day, early risers are more likely to make plans early and implement them in time.

8. Low risk of depression

Studies have found that people who love to stay up late are more likely to suffer from depression. People who are used to getting up early are more organized, fully prepared, less flustered, and therefore less depressed. Another big reason is that early risers get enough sleep, and lack of sleep is also a major inducement of depression.

9. My skin is getting better.

Sleeping can improve your beauty. I believe many girls know this. Going to bed early is very beneficial to your skin. When we sleep, the capillary circulation of the skin increases, its secretion and clearance process are strengthened, and the regeneration of the skin is accelerated. Melanin and wrinkles are difficult to form, leaving you a smooth, rosy and elastic face.

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