When it is dry in winter, pay attention to using humidifier

The reporter visited several major electrical shopping malls in the city and found that humidifiers were quite popular. However, some electrical salespeople and consumers have misunderstandings about how to use humidifiers correctly. In a large electrical appliance chain store on Huaihe Avenue in the city, the salesperson strongly recommended a humidifier to the reporter, and stressed that only tap water was needed when using it. At the same time, the mist generated could also be used for facial fumigation and beauty. “Didn’t you say that the fog produced by adding tap water is harmful?” The reporter asked back. The salesperson said that this humidifier has sterilization settings, which can filter out harmful substances, but the price is more expensive. The reporter compared it. A humidifier with similar size and appearance is 50-100 yuan more expensive than one with sterilization effect.

The reporter interviewed some citizens at random, and most of them were not clear about the precautions for using humidifiers. Ms. Zhang, who opened a jewelry store in the pedestrian street of the city, said that when she used a humidifier in the store, she would also add some essence to the water to make the air cleaner. When customers came, they were willing to wait more.

The reporter interviewed some professionals in this regard. It is reported that when using the humidifier, do not directly add tap water, because tap water contains microorganisms, magnesium ions, calcium ions and other components, which is easy to produce white powder, which not only pollutes the indoor air, but also may induce asthma, bronchitis and other diseases. Add pure water into the humidifier, or boil the tap water, and then add it after cooling. It is better not to add additives that are not professionally produced or supervised into the water, such as some aromatics. In addition, the energy exchange plate and water tank should be cleaned frequently to prevent secondary pollution to the air due to dirt blockage. It is worth noting that the respiratory mucosa of the elderly, pregnant women and children is relatively fragile, and it is not suitable to stay in the room where the humidifier is used for a long time.

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