Seven wonderful uses of travel toothpaste

1. When the skin is broken due to trauma, you can smear toothpaste on the injured part to reduce inflammation and stop bleeding, and then wrap it up. As a temporary first aid medicine, medicated toothpaste has a remarkable effect.

2. When you are stung by a bee, you can smear toothpaste on the stung part to eliminate redness and swelling, because bee venom is acidic, while toothpaste is weakly alkaline. Neutralization of acid and alkali will detoxify you.

3. After being bitten by mosquitoes and insects, the itch is unbearable. As long as you smear toothpaste on the bitten part, the itch can be stopped.

4. In case of headache and dizziness during the journey, you can apply toothpaste on your temples, because menthol and clove oil are in the toothpaste, which can relieve pain.

5. If your hands and feet are cold during the journey, they will become red and swollen, itchy and painful. As long as the frozen part is not broken, you can rub the toothpaste on the red and swollen part with a cloth. Because the toothpaste contains ginger oil and mint oil, which can help promote blood circulation and eliminate blood stasis.

6. When shaving for men, toothpaste can be used instead of soap. Since the toothpaste does not contain free alkali, it is not only non irritating to the skin, but also rich in foam and has a refreshing smell, which makes people feel cool and comfortable.

7. If a woman has mild vaginitis, she can put a small amount of toothpaste in the water, stir it evenly, and then wash the affected part. The symptoms can disappear.

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