Improving sleep starts with choosing a good mattress

Sleep problem has become a worldwide problem. Among the general public in Europe, America and other countries, 30% ~ 56% have sleep problems. In China, sleep problems have been investigated in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin and Hangzhou. The results show that 40% ~ 60% of people have sleep problems and insomnia symptoms, which are mainly attributed to many factors such as high work and occupation tension, high pressure intensity and strong sense of time urgency.

Of course, it is difficult for us to completely change these external factors, but what we can do is to create a comfortable sleeping environment for ourselves. A high-quality mattress plays an important role in relieving physical pressure and improving sleep quality. Now, let’s look at how to choose a mattress to improve sleep!

first, the mattress should be suitable for your body shape.

Due to different habits, some people like to sleep in soft beds, while others like to sleep in hard beds. However, you can’t choose a mattress solely based on your own feelings. It’s not suitable for you to be too soft or too hard, which has a certain relationship with your height and weight.

In addition, the mattress is closely related to the lumbar spine. The normal lumbar spine is a lordosis curve. If the mattress cannot fit with the lumbar spine, it will cause changes in the lumbar spine curve and cause discomfort.

1. People of different body types have different mattresses.

If the lighter weight sleeps in a softer bed, the shoulders and hips will slightly fall into the mattress, and the waist will be fully supported.

The heavy weight is suitable for sleeping on a hard mattress. The strength of the spring can make every part of the body fit together properly, especially the neck and waist can be well supported.

2. The size of the mattress should depend on the specific situation of the user.

If two people share a bed, it is best to choose a wider mattress when space allows. Some couples have a great difference in weight or sleep very light. Choosing one mattress obviously cannot meet the needs of two people. At this time, you should choose a separate mattress.

The so-called sub mattress is made of two mattresses of the same specifications. The shape of the mattress is completely the same, ensuring perfect fusion at the seams. And mattresses with different hardness make everyone get good sleep.

3. The length of the mattress should be determined according to the height.

The length of the mattress should be at least 20cm longer than the height, and the space for pillows should be reserved to avoid the body curling up due to the mattress being too short.

Second, the height of the mattress should match the surrounding furniture.

1. Mattress height and headboard

Not lower than the height of the cross rail of the headboard, otherwise the mattress is easy to pass through the headboard, and it is easy to feel displaced and shaken on the bed frame.

2. Height of mattress and tailboard

The height of the mattress should not be higher than the lowest point of the tailboard of the bed or flush with the lowest point.

3. Height from bedside table

The height of the mattress and the height of the bedside table are within the range of 0 ~ 150mm, so the height of reaching for things on the bedside table is appropriate and in line with living habits.

4. Relationship with room size

Tall and thick mattresses and exaggerated carved bed shapes require sufficient space in the room, otherwise there will be a sense of depression in the room. For a room with limited size, you can choose a bed that does not use the bottom bed as a support, which reduces the height of a large area in the middle of the bed and makes the room feel open.

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