Correct skin care: don’t let whitening go astray; correct skin care: don’t let whitening step on the pit

Having delicate and white skin is the dream of all beauty loving women, so the pursuit of whitening by Chinese people exists from the age of 3 to old. So how can I turn white?

Having delicate and white skin is the dream of all beauty loving women, so the pursuit of whitening by Chinese people exists from the age of 3 to old. With the arrival of autumn and winter, the skin care products on the market have ushered in a new season of sales peak. Many have moved with the times to play the “moisturizing” brand, not mentioning the whitening effect at all. However, many still adhere to the concept of skin whitening, and there are still many containing essence and butylated hydroxytoluene. Perhaps many friends do not know the correct method of skin care, and skin care liquids are only doing it with their own imagination. The following Xiaobian will correct five wrong concepts of skin care, Use the correct concept of skin care, don’t let whitening skin care go astray.

1. Sticking to whitening facial mask every day may not lighten color spots

In fact, the whitening facial mask is not suitable for daily use, because it generally contains fruit acid components that help keratin metabolism. Daily use will make the cuticle thinner, make the skin more sensitive, and make it easier to age. Moreover, although the whitening facial mask does have a certain effect on lightening spots, it is not applicable to all people. Because the causes of spots are different, and the internal factors are far greater than the external factors. However, whitening skin care products can only fade spots caused by ultraviolet rays, and have little effect on other types of spots, especially those that appear with skin aging.

2. Use anti-aging products even during the day

Many anti-aging products work better at night, but not all of them. Any anti-aging product containing vitamin A, peptides, fruit acid and salicylic acid should be used at night as far as possible. That’s because when you sleep, the blood volume on the popular skin surface increases, the pH value of the skin decreases, and the self-protection ability of the skin decreases. In this state of love, the above anti-aging ingredients can be well absorbed. However, in order to achieve a good anti-aging effect, in addition to using these products at night, we must also cooperate with the help of SPF sunscreen and antioxidant maintenance products during the day, so as to consolidate the anti-aging maintenance at night and delay the aging of the skin.

3. The concentration of ingredients in maintenance products has nothing to do with the effect

High concentration may not be effective, and may cause skin damage and side effects (such as acids, whitening ingredients and essential oils). The skin has a certain absorption capacity for the acceptance of ingredients, so too high a concentration is useless for the anti-aging effect. Medically confirmed by the pharmaceutical laboratory and published in Jid, the world’s most authoritative dermatology medical journal, 5% levo vitamin C can exert the greatest effect on stimulating the synthesis of collagen fiber (the effect beyond this concentration is the same as that of 5%). Therefore, we can know that the concentration and effect do not necessarily increase in proportion!

4. Is the anti-aging effect as fast as possible

At present, many anti-aging care products claim to be “effective in 3 days” or “smooth fine lines in 8 hours”, which is very attractive. However, some products temporarily fill the fine lines on the skin surface by virtue of the characteristics of “dosage forms”, or add reflective particles to skin care products to reduce the shadow caused by wrinkles on the skin surface and make wrinkles “look” less. This practice will accelerate the aging of skin in the long run. The best way to improve skin aging is to follow the cycle of skin circulation and metabolism, and it is more appropriate to make a preliminary examination in 14-28 days.

5. Apply face cream containing collagen to restore skin elasticity

Collagen, first of all, is a kind of protein. The protein molecule is so large that it can’t be absorbed by the skin at all. Even the intestines and stomachs that we need to absorb nutrients to survive need to hydrolyze it into amino acids before further absorption. From a biological point of view, only the epidermis of lower invertebrates can absorb such substances as proteins. Therefore, if you want to restore the elasticity of loose skin, you should give more massage to the skin. More exercise can promote blood circulation, and nutrients can be naturally and easily delivered to the skin, providing power for skin self repair.

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