Can white vinegar go to acne marks? Can white vinegar remove acne marks

Can white vinegar go to acne marks? Health experts point out that if you want to be healthy every day, you might as well eat more vinegar, which is really vinegar. Vinegar is a very common condiment in daily life. In addition to its delicious taste, it also has many wonderful functions, including the function of making people beautiful.

Vinegar has a wonderful effect on health: white vinegar water can remove acne and whiten your face

1. Wash your face with white vinegar – remove acne and whiten

Experts say that white vinegar diluted with water can be used to wash your face. White vinegar itself has the functions of bacteriostasis, whitening and softening horniness. Washing your face with white vinegar every day can make your face white, tender and tender, and inhibit the growth of acne. Usage: add a bottle of white vinegar to warm water and mix well. After cleansing, wash your face with white vinegar water, tap it gently, and finally wash it with cold water to shrink pores.

2. Vinegar Shampoo – smoother hair

Vinegar shampooing is a native method handed down by the elderly at home. Regular shampooing with vinegar can make hair soft and shiny, reduce bifurcation, inhibit the growth of dandruff, and even have a certain effect on treating dandruff. Usage: after shampooing your hair every time, rinse your hair with warm water of vinegar with a water vinegar ratio of about 10:1. After all your hair is moistened, wash it with clean water. If you want to treat dandruff, you need vinegar water with a concentration of about 1:1 to soak the hair roots, gently rub them, and wash them with water after 10 minutes.

3. Vinegar seasoning – remove fishy smell

Experts say that in addition to increasing the acidity of food, vinegar can also remove the peculiar smell of meat and make food more delicious. When making fish, add some vinegar to remove the fishy smell; When cleaning meat, especially animal viscera, vinegar can also remove those unpleasant smells. Usage: when cooking fish, add a few drops of vinegar, and the fish won’t smell fishy; Cleaning knives and chopping boards with vinegar can also remove the fishy smell on them; When cleaning the internal organs of animals, first clean them with water, then rub them with vinegar and wine mixture, and then wash them with water; In order to remove the mutton smell, before cooking, you can put the mutton into a boiling water pot, pour in vinegar and soak for a while, and the mutton smell will be reduced.

4. Washing clothes with white vinegar – bacteriostatic and deodorizing, making clothes more soft

According to experts, washing clothes with white vinegar can remove the unpleasant sweat smell on the clothes and make the white clothes more transparent after washing. This is due to the fact that white vinegar can remove alkaline sweat stains and neutralize the detergent left on clothes. Usage: if you want to remove the yellowing sweat stains and sweat smell on the clothes, you can soak and rinse the dirty clothes in white vinegar water with a water vinegar ratio of 20:1 for 10 minutes, and then carry out regular cleaning. If you want to remove the residual detergent, soak it in 100:1 diluted white vinegar water for 5 minutes at the penultimate time of washing with clean water, and then clean it with clean water.

5. Remove scale with white vinegar – clean and thorough

The water quality in the north is relatively hard. The kettle and coffee machine will have a layer of scale after being used for a while, and the shower head will also have scale accumulation after being used for a long time, blocking the water outlet. At this time, the acid of white vinegar can be used to remove scale. Usage: pour the white vinegar directly into the kettle or coffee machine, or immerse the shower head in the water basin with white vinegar. After one night’s immersion, the scale can be easily removed, and then rinse it with clean water. (

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