How many methods are economical and practical for removing acne in winter? I’ll teach you a few tips to remove acne in winter. It’s economical and practical

White vinegar is no longer a simple condiment. It is even more popular in the beauty industry. Because it is economical and practical, it has become a very popular beauty method at present. Let’s take a look at what skin care tips white vinegar has in addition to its whitening and acne removing effects.

1、 Warm water white vinegar (make your skin tender)

Washing your face often with white vinegar can make your skin shiny and elastic. The skin has to face multiple injuries from the external environment every day, and it will be unknowingly covered with many bacteria and ash layers. White vinegar has the functions of sterilization, whitening and oxidation resistance, and can completely remove harmful substances from the face.

Method: first prepare a basin of warm water, then add an appropriate amount of white vinegar to mix it evenly, then dip the vinegar with a towel, wipe the face, and wash the face with clean water after 5 minutes.

Efficacy: long term use of this method can make the skin whiter, smoother and more delicate.

2、 White vinegar + Atractylodes macrocephala (freckle removal)

Methods: take an appropriate amount of white vinegar and Atractylodes macrocephala into a container, then seal it with cling film, and take it out after soaking for about a week. Use it to wash your face or wipe off long spots. Wash them with water every 5 minutes.

Efficacy: freckles, chloasma, black spots and other spots on the face can be diluted by this method. The time for eliminating different color spots is different, but as long as you persist in using it, you will get better.

3、 White vinegar + purified water (fine pores and relieve acne)

Method: mix white vinegar and purified water in the ratio of 1:3, mix well, and then pour into a spray bottle. After washing your face every morning and evening, spray it on your face or pat it on your face. However, don’t use too much at one time, just feel that the whole face is wet.

Efficacy: this method can eliminate acne, pockmarks and scars, and can also improve oil pockmarked muscles. As long as you persist for one week, it will have an effect. The skin will be very tender, not oily, and the pores will shrink.

4、 White vinegar + glycerin (first-class whitening effect)

Vinegar can decompose skin melanin, so as to achieve the effect of skin whitening. For MM whose face is dark and dark yellow, add a little white vinegar to the water when washing or bathing, and over time, the skin will turn white. Many people have accidents with this method, which will surprise you. However, persistence is still important.

Method: mix white vinegar and glycerin in the ratio of 2:1, and mix them together. After cleansing, apply them to the skin 2-3 times a day.

Efficacy: this method has the effect of whitening and moisturizing, which is very suitable for use in autumn and winter. It can moisturize the skin, reduce melanin deposition, and make the skin clean, smooth and elastic. Obvious effects can be seen in about a month.

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