How to whiten to achieve the best effect? Five full body whitening methods are worth trying

Beautiful women all know that one white covers three ugly. Many beautiful women use a lot of methods to whiten their skin. The most common one is skin care products to make their facial skin white and beautiful. But we can’t ignore one point. To be a beautiful and beautiful woman, you can’t just work on your face. Full body whitening is the real whitening. You may as well learn the methods of full body whitening if you love beauty.

It’s believed that most beauties are after whitening and tender skin all over the body.

But how to whiten to achieve the best effect? Five ways to whiten baby like tofu skin method 1: exfoliate the skin. The accumulation of old horniness will lead to rough and dull skin. There will be accumulation of horniness not only on the face but also on the body.

But the whole body exfoliation method is not the same.

Different parts should be differentiated for exfoliation.

Tips1: facial exfoliation facial oil secretion, coupled with some dust attached to the face, can easily make our skin accumulate old horniness, so we must exfoliate regularly, at least once a week. For oily skin, we can use scrub exfoliation products, but for dry skin, we should choose mild exfoliation products.

Tips2: body exfoliation for the exfoliation of body skin, you can choose bath essence or exfoliation product with exfoliating effect, use it all over the body, and it will have a smooth and tender effect after washing, and then use bathroom steam to open the pores, so that dirt and body waste can be easily discharged.

Method 2 of whole body whitening: moisturizing and whitening skin needs water to moisturize before it looks shiny, white, tender and tender.

Especially in this autumn and winter season, face skin and body skin are prone to dryness and water shortage.

Tips1: After facial whitening and cleansing, moisturizing products should hydrate the skin and lock the moisture of the skin.

Use whitening facial mask regularly, and pay attention to intensive skin care at night, because night is a good time for skin whitening.

Tips1: body whitening: wipe the whole body with body lotion before going out of the bathroom. If you want to sculpt your body, you can also massage your legs, thighs and abdomen to maintain your beautiful body.

Whole body whitening method 3: tomato whitening this whitening formula can whiten both the face and hands.

Especially for acne skin, it can effectively remove greasiness, prevent infection, and make skin white and delicate.

Formula: half tomato, proper amount of honey usage: stir the tomato into tomato juice and then add appropriate amount of honey to stir until paste.

Apply evenly to face or hands, and wash off after about 15 minutes.

It is recommended to do it 1-2 times a week.

Method 4 of whole body whitening: Milk Bath pour about 1000ml of fresh milk into hot water, stir evenly until translucent.

When you take a milk bath, it will feel better to add a few drops of rose essential oil.

If you use milk powder, you should first brew the milk powder according to the proportion of drinking, and then pour it into the bathtub, so as to avoid caking of milk powder.

In addition, wash the bathtub in time after taking a milk bath.

The recommended soaking time is 15-20 minutes.

Milk fat, vitamins and minerals in milk have natural moisturizing effects. Without teasing, you may need her on a lonely night! However, it can prevent and repair skin dryness and make skin smoother, delicate and white.

The enzymes contained in it can also play an anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory and soothing role.

Method V for whole body whitening: green tea bath put 3-5 bags of drunk green tea residues or tea bags into silk socks or cotton bags, and then put the cloth bags into the bathtub to inject hot water. The recommended soaking time is 10-20 minutes.

It is also OK to choose coarser tea, usually about 250g at a time.

However, you should choose tea with a relatively mild acidity and alkalinity. Excessive acidity or alkalinity will be harmful to your skin.

Green tea bath can remove oil and dirt from skin, help to freshen skin, remove prickly heat and soften horniness.

In addition, as a bath agent, green tea can also warm the body from the inside out, which is especially suitable for people with asthenic cold.

Long term adherence can also achieve whitening effect.

Making the skin white is the favorite topic of women. Women know that one white covers three ugly. There are many ways to whiten, but we can’t just focus on the whitening of the face. Only full body whitening can be considered as real white skin, and full body whitening can make others look more beautiful. The above methods of full body whitening are many and simple. Please try them in your daily life.

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