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Skin color not only affects a person’s appearance, but also reflects your and my health

To have a healthy complexion, eat more vitamin foods to make you have a healthy and moisturizing complexion

Skin color not only affects a person’s appearance, but also reflects your and my health

To have a healthy complexion, eat more vitamin foods to make you have a healthy and moisturizing complexion

How can we, who are busy every day, sleep peacefully at home all day, or soak in the gym and beauty salon like Nicole Richie? No matter how busy we are, we must eat and drink water. Seize these “opportunities” to efficiently supplement vitamins, collagen and other nutrients. Why not

Recommend several “beauty simple meals”

Note: unlike those homemade herbal teas and freshly squeezed fruit juices on the website, these beauty formulas are extracted nutritional formulas that double the efficacy

Now turn on the delicate taste buds and start to enjoy the good taste special drink of beauty

Morning beauty Yogurt Mixed with morning beauty yogurt: Q10, also known as coenzyme, was discovered in 1957. Since the benefits of Q10 on human health were confirmed, its status has been continuously improved

Long term use of coenzyme Q10 can effectively prevent skin photoaging, reduce wrinkles around the eyes and delay aging

The morning is the time when the human body absorbs the most energy, and is also the best time to supplement Q10

Since it is a fat soluble substance, it is best to take it with foods containing fat

So, what better ingredient is there than yogurt? A bottle of Q10 fruit drink and a cup of yogurt, today’s breakfast is healthier than yours! New favorite seafood salad for lunch: order a seafood salad for lunch. A large amount of protein and unsaturated fatty acids in seafood are not only essential nutrients for the brain, but also play a very important role in improving memory and thinking

However, eating seafood is also taboo, that is, never eat it with fruits containing high vitamin C, otherwise it will synthesize toxins

Eating fish oil is also an effective anti-oxidation means, but many people can’t accept the fishy smell of fish oil. Now, try a new way of eating fish oil that is original. Pour fish oil on seafood salad and add oil to dry skin while enjoying delicious food

“Don’t brew” tea in the afternoon: if you always like to drink green tea, it’s certainly good, but certainly not everyone likes to drink tea. If you don’t have a preference for the bitter taste of tea, how about a cup of sweet tea polyphenol beauty drink? Tea polyphenols are the general term of polyphenols in tea. They are one of the main components that form the color, fragrance and health functions of tea

Tea polyphenols and other active substances have detoxification and anti radiation effects, and are known as “radiation Nemesis” by the medical community

Good night, dear collagen: remove makeup, clean, spend a lot of time doing evening care, and then prepare to sleep in this way. Can you see vibrant skin when you wake up the next day? Don’t forget dear collagen, which is a beauty element we are familiar with and unfamiliar with

It is called “bone in bone, skin in skin”, and its important role on the skin is self-evident. It can also make the bone hard and elastic, make the eye transparent, keep the cornea transparent, and promote the connection of muscle cells with elasticity and luster

But you only know how good it is, but you don’t know that it can also become a special beauty drink for skin care

Especially your best partner who helps skin repair and renewal at night

Collagen oral products paired with red wine, which synergizes with the super antioxidant capacity of grape polyphenols in red wine, are equivalent to a cup of self brewed skin fairy water

Hedonic beauty special drink recommendation hedonic beauty special drink recommendation Q10 special drink recommendation a bottle of Q10 fruit drink + a cup of fruit yogurt: most of Q10 oral liquid is fruit flavored. The way to maintain the best taste is to take it after freezing, or mix it with yogurt with fruit granules. It is also a good attempt to mix some soup and water

Fish oil is good to eat. Seafood salad + fish oil is recommended: the main active ingredient of fish oil is omega-3, which can enhance the water locking ability of the skin, help the body suppress inflammation, and is very beneficial to health

The choice of seafood depends on your taste. Shrimp and cuttlefish are common. If you are in a good mood, it is better to add shellfish. You can match some cooked vegetables, cut them into small pieces and mix them together. You can pour a little fish oil on the sauce

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