What effect does CC cream have on the skin? What is the use of expired CC cream?

CC cream is MM’s first choice. Almost every girl’s dressing table has a delicate CC cream . Does your skin hurt? What’s the use of outdated CC cream? Will CC cream hurt the skin and block pores?

The chemical components in cream have certain irritating effects on the skin. If makeup is not removed in time, pores will be blocked, pores will become larger, and it is easier to absorb external dust. Accelerated aging. Cream should be mixed with foundation make-up. It will affect the effect of CC cream, reduce its skin care function, and thus reduce the overall effect, because the two products are mixed on the face. If not cleaned, it will affect the detoxification of the skin. If the skin can not eliminate toxins in time, the aging speed will be greatly accelerated, and wrinkles and spots will appear earlier. The skin becomes sensitive. If the ingredients of the cream have accumulated, the epidermis of the skin will become thicker, so that it cannot absorb the water and nutrients it needs.

In the long run, the skin will become rough, dry, sensitive, and even a series of skin problems. What’s the use of outdated CC cream? This kind of cosmetics is of higher quality. It usually contains more oil and subtle moisturizing. It is a good raw material for maintaining bags, wallets and shoes. Use a chemical fiber cloth dipped in the cosmetics to wipe, decontaminate and maintain the shiny water drops. In addition, you can also wipe the tail of your hair to protect your hair!

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