What is BB cream? My skin is too dark. Is BB Cream effective?

Many girls should have this confusion. In the morning, BB Cream was used to make up, and their faces looked white and flawless. But in the afternoon, the cosmetics will become very yellow and black. Why? What’s the way to say goodbye to “black face in the afternoon”? Skin oil secretion is strong, and makeup will turn yellow and black in the afternoon. In fact, it has a lot to do with the oil secreted by the skin. Even if you don’t wear makeup paper, if your face is full of oil, it will look very dark in the afternoon.

We can use skin care products that can control oil secretion to clean the skin and slow down the production of oil. Then you can add antioxidants to your daily skin care steps to prevent sebum from being oxidized and blackened, so that your makeup will be bright and white in the afternoon. The problem of oil secretion on the skin will make the skin look dull, because oily skin secretes a lot, which is also known to all. Although you work very hard to clean your skin every day, it is important that your skin does not work so hard to produce oil and replenish moisture. Only by supplying water can the oil production of the skin be reduced. Countermeasures: before makeup, moisturize the skin first to moisturize the skin. Then use the pre moisturizing cream to lay a good foundation before applying BB cream, so that the skin has a moisturizing environment, so that BB cream can “stick” to the skin more firmly, lasting without makeup.

BB frost is oxidized. Because these pigments are colored, the color will become dark and yellow after oxidation, and the surface of cosmetics will become dirty. Countermeasures: at present, there are many technologies to improve the oxidation of BB cream, such as wrapping hard to oxidize substances outside the powder particles, or adding anti oil powder to absorb grease. Girls can choose BB cream. Of course, there is another way to use BB cream and brush a layer of honey powder. They can keep cosmetics dry for a long time and prevent dimming to a great extent.

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