What is the difference between BB cream and CC cream? Which would be better?

BB Cream was first applied in the medical field. It can cover and repair patients’ wounds. Therefore, it has certain concealer and skin care characteristics at the beginning of its birth. After entering the cosmetics industry, this BB cream has set off a revolutionary trend and is widely sought after all over the world. What is the difference between BB cream and CC cream?

On the basis of even skin tone and strong concealer, it also has certain sunscreen and moisturizing functions, and the sense of makeup is not as good as liquid foundation. It can obtain a natural and delicate “nude makeup” effect. What is air cushion BB? From the perspective of composition, air cushion BB seems to be no different from traditional tubular BB cream, but why do more people seem to prefer air cushion BB? On the one hand, the air cushion BB is more delicate and moist than the traditional BB cream. The air cushion BB is stored in a honeycomb sponge. After being extruded by the puff, the flowing powder oozes from the sponge and adheres to the puff. The resulting cream is more delicate, uniform and light than the traditional BB cream. On the other hand, the texture of air cushion BB is more convenient than that of traditional BB cream. Due to the powder mist and more fine and uniform frost, the replenishment speed of the air cushion BB is very fast. Generally speaking, the bottom makeup can be completed in 10-30 seconds, which saves time and is very friendly to beginners.

The small editor made suggestions on the selection of editors from the following two aspects. First, look at the color. Most of the air cushions BB will be divided into three or more color numbers. You should make a good choice of colors and try to paint your face with colors. There are significant differences in the fineness, pore size and skin color of the back of the hand and face. Only by trying the color of the upper surface can we really see whether we can choose a color number that has a certain hiding power and is well integrated with the skin. Fig. 5 material after air cushion BB color test. Everyone can choose an air cushion BB that moisturizes or controls oil according to their own skin quality. If there are additional requirements such as wrinkle resistance, they can also be targeted.

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