What brand of BB cream is better? Which BB cream is more suitable for you?

Pale face BB Cream can make your skin more beautiful. In fact, many girls are using BB cream, but they don’t know which is better. When I bought it, I listened to my friend’s introduction. People are in the same mood. I didn’t do any research, nor did I buy it for use based on the facts. Today, I hope I can help you through my own actual situation!

Because BB cream is very important for skin care, we must buy it well to make ourselves more beautiful! Today, Xiaobian will tell you which BB cream is good for us. Some well-known and popular brands, such as Maybelline and Hanshu, are actually good BB creams. Personally, I think Maybelline BB cream has water and luster on my face. Hanshu’s red BB is especially natural and has high adhesion. Xiaobian has also tried it. It’s water pull and mysterious pull. I personally think the mysterious BB Cream works very well. Suitable for Asian skin, moisturizing and natural. Water BB cream is cheap and suitable for public use, but its disadvantage is that it has a short storage time and is not delicate enough.

After using BB cream, many people will think that the whiter the skin, the better. The answer is certainly not. BB cream must be selected according to skin color. If you have fair skin, use BB cream with brightening effect. For people with dark skin, choose BB cream of natural color. So, you must know your skin first, and then you know.

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