Is Estee Lauder BB Cream easy to use? Who is better than liquid foundation

Estee Lauder BB Cream or liquid foundation is better. BB Cream still has problems after a long time. In fact, BB cream is a thin liquid base. Concealer is very common. I suggest you start with Estee Lauder liquid foundation.

Generally speaking, its home base liquid is better than BB cream, which is used for homodyne evaluation and has a good use evaluation. In fact, this can be done. If you want to make your makeup more delicate and obedient, then try liquid foundation. If you want to create a natural nude makeup effect, try BB cream. Cosmetic lotion is stronger than BB cream, so you can choose it according to your needs and skin quality. I haven’t violated the rules for a long time, but sometimes I don’t need to wear a formal facial mask when I go shopping in the supermarket, and I don’t want to wear ordinary face cream (I use plastic face cream to suppress acne). It is a shiny, smooth, oil-free BB.

I like haha. It looks like my own skin. It’s yellow. My face is very natural. The main function of BB cream is to brighten the skin, and it also has a certain function of concealer, embellishing and modifying pores. This is more practical nude makeup, it is very daily after makeup. It is usually convenient to make up by hand. In addition, we remind you to wash the air cushion powder regularly, otherwise bacteria and floating powder will easily be generated. The most important thing is the state of the skin itself, and do a good job in moisturizing.

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