How about Estee Lauder pomegranate facial cleanser? Does it work

How about Estee Lauder pomegranate facial cleanser ? In order to enhance the red pomegranate berry complex essence, this dual effect skin cleaning product is the first step of the bright series. The magnetic clay with super adsorption helps to remove the pollutants on the skin surface and thoroughly clean the dirt and cosmetics.

The skin after cleansing is fresh and rich. I like pomegranate series most, especially its yellowing removing function. Because pearl jade is in front, HR cleanser is used, and then the effect of using this red pomegranate cleanser is not so amazing. It can be understood that, after all, this price is half of human purification. I like the color matching of bright red. Its dual-use is a good selling point. As an antioxidant facial mask, it can be used for a few minutes to remove turbidity and make skin feel fresh and comfortable. Rich in red pomegranate complex essence, it absorbs four kinds of antioxidant Saint pomegranate, blueberry, Lycium barbarum and red berry, extracts Estee Lauder through unique cold pressing, bioferments, pours antioxidant and improves turbidity.

This kind of cleaner has a relatively thick texture and belongs to concentrated cleaner. It contains strong adsorption “magnetic clay”, which can penetrate into pores, absorb dust and bacteria in pores, and clean skin. Gently apply it for a few minutes to remove turbidity and make skin fresh and comfortable. This cleanser can’t use too much water, otherwise the foam won’t be so fine and the cleansing effect will be worse. After cleaning, the skin will be reborn.

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