Don’t oversleep during the National Day holiday

With the advent of the long holiday, many white-collar workers in the workplace plan to “catch up on sleep” during this holiday. In fact, sleeping more is not the better. For people who lack sleep, tonic may not be effective. Sometimes, sleeping with your head covered will make you more tired.

Because of the long sleep time during the long holiday, the regular work and rest in the past are broken, which is very easy to cause neurological disorders. When you should sleep, you can’t sleep, sleep disorders, dizziness, and many people will also have gastrointestinal disorders, and even may cause problems of the nervous and mental systems.

Most people will think that to eliminate fatigue, we should sleep more. In fact, the idea of increasing sleep time to achieve health is completely wrong. People who sleep too long will become lazy, weak, and even their intelligence will decline. After a night’s rest, muscles and joints will become relaxed. Moving immediately after waking up can increase muscle tension and blood supply to muscles, so that bones and muscle tissues are in a repair state. At the same time, metabolic products accumulated in muscles at night can be eliminated, which is conducive to muscle tissue’s recovery from exercise. People who often sleep late miss opportunities for activities because of muscle tissue, and feel weak legs, lumbosacral discomfort and weakness after getting up. The sleep center of people who sleep late is in an excited state for a long time, while other nerve centers will be inhibited for too long, and the function of recovering activities will become relatively slow, so they will feel drowsy, listless, and even have intellectual decline all day long.

The correct way is that for adults, 6-8 hours is the standard sleep time they need. The elderly can reduce this standard by 1-2 hours, and the teenagers can increase it by 1-2 hours. For infants and young children, it takes longer to sleep.

Of course, how much sleep time is the healthiest still needs to be determined according to one’s own situation. The criterion for judging one’s healthy sleep time should be that one does not feel tired and energetic the next day.

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