Did you eat too much in the era of national weight loss

If you have too much fat, you will get fat easily. In the era of “national weight loss”, we may as well test whether we really have excessive fat and see how to avoid stepping on the “minefield” of diet.

1. Do you often eat meat dishes that are both fat and thin

Stewed meat, pork head meat, braised meat made of streaky pork, fat sheep slices, snow beef, etc. are delicious and juicy mainly because of their high fat content. For example, snowflake beef looks like lean meat, but in fact, the interior is covered with white fat patterns, which is closely combined with lean meat. This kind of meat and vegetables can’t be eaten every day. It’s better not to eat more than once a week.

2. Do you eat fried, dry fried and braised dishes more often than three times a week

There are many dishes that need to be fried or oiled, including crispy chicken, fried meat balls, dry fried tenderloin, dry fried shrimp and so on. Braised, sweet and sour, dry fried dishes often need to be fried first, such as dry cooked fish, sweet and sour ribs, etc. Cooking eggplant, ground three delicacies and other dishes need oil, and the fat content is as high as 15%, while dry pot dishes are almost all soaked in a large amount of oil. Therefore, the frequency of eating such dishes should be less than once a week.

3. Do you eat meat stuffing more often than three times a week

Including meat dumplings, meat dumplings, meat pies, meat balls, and various dishes stuffed with meat. If you want to make the meat soft and fragrant, you usually need to add 20% ~ 30% fat meat to achieve the effect. Even if it’s fish meat, you should add fat pork to improve the taste and avoid eating too much. When choosing meat fillings, try to choose those with more lean meat, and eat meat fillings less frequently than three times a week.

4. Is the frequency of eating refuelling staple food higher than three times a week

Even if the main foods such as fried dough sticks, dough cakes, sesame balls, crispy baked cakes, scallion crisps, thousand layer cakes, fire and various crisps are not fried, they need to add a large amount of oil when making noodles to make them layered and soft. The main food should still choose light flavor varieties without oil, salt and sugar. Those who need to control their weight should eat oil main food no more than once a week.

5. Is there always oil on the dishes

Residents in many areas need at least one or two oil to fry a green vegetable. Even if you eat scalded dishes or cold dishes, pour a large amount of “bright oil” or red oil on them to improve the appearance. It is suggested that on the one hand, you can use more cooking, blanching, stir frying, cold mixing and other methods. If you feel that the fragrance is not enough, you can drop a few drops of oil. On the other hand, when cooking, you should also try to reduce the oil as much as possible.

6. Do you like to eat sausages, sausages, kebabs and so on

When making sausages and roast mutton kebabs, you usually need to put 1 / 3 of the fat meat, otherwise the taste is too hard; When making sausages and enemas, you should also add a certain proportion of fat meat, usually with a fat content of 20% ~ 30%. It’s OK to taste this kind of food occasionally, and it’s best to limit the number of times you eat to one time a week.

7. Like to use cheese and butter to make all kinds of snacks, soups and delicacies

The ratio of protein to fat in milk is 1:1, but cheese is usually 1:2. Butter contains more than 80% fat, and anhydrous butter is more than 95%. Therefore, both cheesecake and bread and butter are high-fat foods, and it is better to eat them less than three times a week.

8. Like fast food like fried instant noodles and frozen dumplings

The fat content of fried instant noodles is usually between 16% and 22%. The fat content of quick-frozen dumplings is related to the meat filling, generally between 8% and 25%. When choosing these two kinds of food, you should carefully look at the nutritional composition table, choose the one with low fat content, and eat it no more than twice a week.

9. Like vegetables or fruits mixed with salad dressing

Salad dressing is actually high in fat. If low fat is not specifically indicated, the fat content is usually between 40% and 80%. Because a spoonful of salad dressing can mix very few raw vegetables, if you eat half a catty of vegetables, the fat content of salad dressing is higher than that of fried vegetables. When mixing vegetables, soy sauce, vinegar and a small amount of sesame oil can be added instead of salad dressing, or a thinner sesame sauce can be used. Yogurt can be used as a substitute for salad dressing in fruit salad.

10. I like to drink thick white soup. I think it’s very nourishing. How about two bowls of soup for each meal

Thick white fish soup, broth, bone soup, etc., which contains much more fat than clear soup. The soup turns milky white by emulsifying fat and protein. The nutritional value of milk white soup is not high. You can’t drink it with meals. Don’t exceed 3 bowls a week.

11. Like to cook vegetables with bone soup, meat soup or Shabu Shabu soup with a lot of oil

Absorbing the oil slick with vegetables is a way to make delicious food, but the amount of oil slick should also be controlled, because vegetables have a strong oil absorption ability, and it is easy to eat all the fat without leakage. In particular, the soup that has been rinsed with fat cattle and sheep has a very high saturated fat content. It is best to remove most of the floating oil before cooking.

12. Like peanut butter, chocolate sauce, sweet chocolate, white chocolate, etc

The food coated with peanut butter and chocolate sauce is delicious, but the fat content often exceeds 40%. Chocolate contains only 5% protein, and the rest is fat except sugar. Each time you eat peanut butter and chocolate sauce, you should limit it to no more than one teaspoon. It is best to choose black varieties with a cocoa content of more than 70%. If not, the daily amount should be controlled within 25g.

13. Eat high-fat snacks such as biscuits, cookies, potato chips, rice dumplings and pies more than three times a week

These are all classic fattening foods, a large number of white starch, sugar and fat combinations. Even the so-called high fiber biscuits or non fried potato chips can not change the truth of high calorie and high fat. The key is that they have too little water and enough dry goods, which makes people feel that they don’t eat much, but they can really increase fat intake. The lower the frequency of eating these snacks, the better. It’s better to completely remove them from the diet.

14. I especially like to eat all kinds of snack bread, butter bread, crispy bread, pizza, etc

These are baked goods containing a lot of fat. Because to make bread soft and crisp, you need to add a lot of fat. Pizza would not taste good without the help of fat cheese. When choosing bread, choose less crisp and soft ones, and pay attention to the fat content on the label. If you especially like to eat high-fat bread such as butter bread and crispy bread, don’t exceed 2 buns a week.

15. I like nuts, but I can’t stop eating them

In addition to Ginkgo biloba and chestnuts, most nuts and oilseeds are high-fat foods, with a minimum fat content of 40% and a maximum fat content of more than 70%, such as peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, sweet almonds, Padan wood, cashew nuts, etc. it is recommended to limit a handful every day.

16. When you beat soymilk, you often put a lot of walnuts and peanuts, and then drink them as water

Many people think that nut soya bean milk is very healthy. When beating soya bean milk, they add a lot of high-fat nuts such as walnuts, almonds and sesame seeds, and then drink several cups of thick milk every day. The nutty soya bean milk produced in this way does taste delicious, but it also has a high fat content. One cup a day is enough.

17. I like to drink coffee drinks with sugar and milk, one cup after another

Coffee itself does not make people fat, but what is added to coffee is not necessarily. Coffee drinks such as cappuccino and latte need a lot of high-fat milk or cream. When most people drink, they need to add one or two packets of powdered sugar to get more calories. So, the simple way is to drink coffee and pure milk directly.

18. Like fatty desserts such as ice cream, mousse, coffee custard and fruit custard

The higher the fat content of ice cream, the mellower the taste. Mousse, milk jelly and other products look like yogurt, but they are expensive. In fact, their nutritional value is much worse than yogurt, because they have little protein but high fat. This kind of food should be eaten no more than twice a week, and only a small cup each time.

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