Can I keep fit during my regular holiday

Menstruation is a good friend of every woman. Some women don’t want to move and are in a bad mood during menstruation. Even so, there are many things to pay attention to during menstruation. So, can I keep fit during my menstrual period? Next, Xiaobian will introduce it to you.

If you feel uncomfortable during menstruation, take a rest, and if you feel good, you can keep fit! But don’t exercise hard! It all depends on your own situation. Exercise itself will not affect women’s menstruation, but a large amount of intense exercise will affect it, because sudden changes in exercise intensity will also affect women’s hormone and other endocrine systems, resulting in menstrual disorders. However, please note that this intensity is relatively high.

Generally, you can sing and listen to music during menstruation, because singing can also improve your lung capacity. Listening to rhythmic music will keep your heart rate at a certain level, and listening to music can also alleviate the low mood of girls during menstruation. At the same time, we should also avoid participating in vigorous activities, such as the high jump, the 100 meter race and playing ball. Don’t do push ups and other functional exercises to increase abdominal pressure, so as not to change the position of the uterus. Avoid taking part in water activities, such as diving, swimming and water polo.

However, it is an adaptation process to stick to fitness exercise during menstruation. In terms of exercise volume, exercise intensity should be appropriately reduced on the first and second days of menstruation, exercise time should be shortened, and speed should be slowed down to reduce exercise volume.

There are also women who take more rest and try not to exercise three days before their menstrual period. If menstrual symptoms are mild, exercise can be mainly soft, soothing, relaxing and stretching, such as yoga, jogging, sports massage, elementary physical exercises, or do some simple stretching at home.

After the fourth day of menstruation, the body starts to recover. At this time, you can start aerobic exercises such as jogging and cycling, and continue yoga or stretching exercises that can relieve and relax. However, women should still pay attention to avoiding high-intensity aerobic exercise, fast running, sit ups, ball games, rope skipping and other sports as far as possible, so as not to cause excessive menstrual blood volume or affect the normal position of the uterus.

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