Eight anti fatigue tips

In today’s fast-paced life, many people are prone to fatigue. As soon as people are tired, the effect of doing things is very low, which will lead to unfinished work, and then it will take more time to complete the work. Today’s Xiaobian teaches you eight anti fatigue tips to help you be energetic every day.

first, balance the intake of sugar and protein

If your lunch contains too much sugar and low protein, you will feel tired in the afternoon. That’s because sugar increases the level of the sedative serotonic in the brain. Studies have shown that proteins restricted by cerrotoni can compensate for sleepiness caused by sugars. You don’t need to reduce all your sugar or increase your protein consumption. As long as your meal contains balanced sugar and protein, it can help you avoid depression in the afternoon.

Second, don’t disturb your biological clock.

A smart slacker may have said, “when I’m exhausted, I enjoy all the sleep of the year.” But many of us mistakenly chose Saturday morning. Experts said: “our respective biological clocks determine when we rest and when we are active. When you get up at 7 a.m. every morning but sleep until noon on weekends, you will break the rules of your biological clock and eventually feel more tired.”

Fatigue is related to adrenaline released by the body to a certain extent. The release of adrenaline starts from 3-4 a.m. and peaks at 11 a.m. for people who get up within 7 hours from about 11 a.m. If you lie in bed for a period of time, it is equivalent to suppressing the level of adrenaline, which will plunge your brain into the marginal area of the weekend.

3. Keep blood pressure within normal range

Periodic hypotension is considered to be low blood pressure in the nerve center, which may be the cause of exhaustion. When a hospital examined 23 patients suffering from chronic diseases and fatigue, 22 of them had low central blood pressure. After treatment, 9 of them got rid of fatigue and 7 of them had obvious improvement in symptoms.

If you become dizzy after standing for a long time, feel dizzy when you take a hot bath, or if you have a tendency to faint, the doctor will estimate that your central blood pressure is too low. The test is simple: the doctor puts you on the bed with your head and feet at an angle of 70 °. Pretend to stand like this for a long time. If you feel dizzy or your blood pressure drops, you may experience dizziness and nausea after a few minutes. The treatment includes adjusting blood pressure, eating more liquid food, and increasing the intake of salt. Such a course of treatment will promote the kidney to retain more sodium.

IV. drink enough water

Once you feel thirsty, your body has lost a lot of fluid. If the liquid level drops, your strength will drop, which can be felt. Lack of water can reduce blood pressure and bring fatigue. If you do a lot of exercise, you should drink 8-10 glasses of water or more a day.

v. beware of the side effects of some drugs

Maybe you know that certain antihistamines, cold drugs and cough syrup can make you drowsy, but you may not know that other familiar drugs can also cause potential side effects. This includes some blood pressure lowering drugs and some diuretics. If you feel tired or exhausted, ask your doctor or pharmacist if it is caused by taking drugs and which can be taken.

VI. proper decompression

stress can make you depressed psychologists say: “fear will make your muscles tense and bring fatigue. Just like you go out to chop wood, it will also make you hold your breath to take away oxygen and bring fatigue.”

Sit in a warm chair, close your eyes, and imagine yourself focusing on deep breathing slowly in a calm environment. Experts suggest that you can arrange dentist visits or other uncomfortable activities at any time in the morning, so that you don’t have to spend all day worrying about it.

VII. Relieve eye fatigue

“If you look at one place for a long time, you may bend your body into a comfortable position or lie on the computer monitor or on the desk,” said an ophthalmology professor It’s no wonder that you feel tired. Vision problems also hinder energy and cause fatigue.

To check your eyesight, you should take a five minute break from your computer or daily paperwork every hour, and use this time to do other things, such as making phone calls.

8. Appropriately add warm colors around you

Surrounding you with some dark colors will also make you tired and depressed. Experts suggest that adding more warm colors around you, such as yellow, orange, especially red, can make you comfortable. These are the colors of flame. After long-term research, if you want to quickly eliminate fatigue, pay more attention to red things. Warm colors can help you eliminate fatigue, but if you use them too much, you may become very exciting and your energy will be easily consumed.

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