Homemade whitening and anti wrinkle facial mask? Make your own whitening and anti wrinkle facial mask

As a woman gets older, the wrinkles on her face will obviously increase. The fastest way to remove wrinkles is to perform various wrinkle removal operations in beauty salons. But I tell you that in many cases, it is not necessary to go to a beauty salon for the removal of wrinkles, as long as your daily maintenance is enough. Let’s take a look at how to prevent and remove wrinkles from eating and living habits.

Forehead wrinkles:

Massage your hands frequently. Hint of wrinkles: the horizontal wrinkles on the forehead are a sign of whether a person is diligent in thinking. If the wrinkles on the forehead are incoherent and wavy, such a person will soon be upset, may suffer mentally, and may be prone to depression. Coping methods: do happy things, relieve pressure for yourself, and gently stretch and massage your hands on your forehead when you are free.

Cheek wrinkles:

Meat and vegetables should be matched. Hint of wrinkles: the cheek is a fragile part of the facial skin, and it is easy to see vascular problems. If the wrinkles on the right face are deeper than those on the left face, it is probably because of poor liver. There are oblique lines on the cheeks. Check whether there is high blood pressure. If there are sickle shaped wrinkles on the cheekbones, there may be diseases on the feet. Coping methods: pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables in diet, and also often engage in some moderate exercise.

Nose wrinkles:

Suitable for drinking wine. Hint of wrinkles: nasal wrinkles are inherited wrinkles, which will become more obvious with age. The organ represented by nasal wrinkles is the heart. If there are many cross shaped wrinkles on the bridge of the nose, the possibility of serious lesions in the spine or kidney cannot be ruled out. The spine of people with such wrinkles will usually be deformed. Coping method: in order to enhance the heart function, you can drink a small amount of red wine every day, which is known as the best heart tonic drink.

Eyebrow wrinkles:

Ten sweet almonds a day. Hint of wrinkles: the wrinkles between the two eyebrows are commonly known as angry lines. When people are absorbed in thinking or angry, angry lines will appear between the two eyebrows. In addition, if you are under tension or pressure, angry lines will follow. In addition, eyebrow lines may also be a sign of bad sinus. Coping method: eat 5-10 sweet almonds every day, which is known as the best nerve food.

Wrinkles under the eyes:

Eat more alkaline food. Hint of wrinkles: wrinkles under the eyes are a sign of the ability of the kidney and bladder to remove toxins from the body. The appearance of half moon wrinkles under the eyes is a sign of kidney, bladder and heart disease. Countermeasures: eat more alkaline food and drink more water. In order to prevent the thin skin under the eyes from relaxing prematurely, appropriate eye cream should be used as soon as possible.

Conclusion: removing wrinkles does not mean that you need to do superficial work. It also requires you to regulate your diet and lifestyle. Only in this way can you restore healthy and smooth skin.

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