Ten Commandments: a woman who breaks them must be dumped

As Li Ao said, I only love a little. How to master the scale of love is troublesome, too cold is an iceberg, too hot is a volcano. The following 10 are for reference only: some thresholds should not be crossed!

I. never say how much I love you

Castro has a true insight: a woman should never let a man know that she loves him, and he will be arrogant because of it.

II. Only make one call a day

Hang up first when the other party is still not satisfied, and maintain a moderate sense of mystery. No man likes a woman who chatters endlessly.

III. an ordinary heart

Few people love only once in their lives. Nine times out of ten, love ends in parting. We should treat reunion and parting with a normal heart. Without anyone, life would have to go on. It’s good to get together and break up. Don’t cry, make trouble and hang yourself. It will only make you poor.

IV. too much accommodation becomes cowardice

Nobody owes anyone. It’s his blessing to love him. In love, two people are the protagonists. They should have their own opinions and know how to refuse appropriately.

v. try not to get entangled in the economy

Money is a sensitive topic, and there are not a few examples of men and women in love who immediately turn over when they involve practical interests. Feelings belong to feelings, and money belongs to money. We should still make a clear distinction, so as not to lose our soldiers after losing our wives.

VI. don’t force marriage

If you love someone too much, you will want to live forever. At this time, you will yearn for secular marriage. She kept on carrying her wedding dress and buying a house in front of her boyfriend, and put her desire for marriage on her face. If the other party wants to get married, he will buy a ring without your hint, otherwise your desire will scare him away.

VII. Don’t give birth to children for love

There are many single mothers now. They all have certain financial ability and psychological endurance. If you want to use children to fetter men, it is too unwise. You can’t let the other party be responsible for you, but you have to be responsible for a life. Isn’t that asking for trouble?

8. Don’t stay together every day

The vitality of love is limited. To make love last longer, we must keep a proper distance. If you have skin relatives, don’t pretend that you will never marry. Sex is the common feeling of both sides and the sublimation of feelings.

IX. the other party is always only a part of me

San Mao once said that my heart has many rooms, and Jose just came in to have a seat. You should have your own social circle. Don’t evaporate as soon as you fall in love, and cut off all your friends. This will only make your life more and more narrow.

X. drink less vinegar and cry less tears

Ask men Xue Baochai and Lin Daiyu which one they will choose. How can men have the energy to tell you one by one that this woman and that woman are all pure friendship? Don’t worry too much about each other’s past. Why do you have to turn over his old almanac? The past can not be a blank sheet of paper. At the same time, you should not give a full account of the past, especially when you were abandoned by others.

Teresa Teng has a song “I only care about you”. Don’t sing this song to a man casually. Even if he is very moved at first, he will gradually feel depressed. Maybe he will try to persuade you that I have something good and don’t deserve it.

Just love a little, like Guanyin Bodhisattva dipping willow branches in fairy water, a little is enough, and a little will overflow.

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