How many ways can you get results in a week? I’ll teach you a few tricks to make you work in a week

There are many kinds of essential oils, and different essential oils are different for our treatment methods. Today Xiaobian will introduce tea tree essential oil to you, which is the favorite of friends with acne! If you like, come and have a look!

1. Apply directly.

Take a small amount of tea tree essential oil directly and apply it directly to the face, which has a good effect on acne and mosquito bites;

2. Make facial mask.

Take a small amount of essential oil into the facial mask bowl, and then soak it in facial mask paper. After the facial mask paper is fully absorbed, stick it on the face for 15 minutes, until it is absorbed, which can play a good role in regulating skin color and eliminating acne;

3. Soak your feet in essential oil.

Take an appropriate amount of essential oil and drop it into the foot wash basin to soak your feet, which can treat beriberi and alleviate the skin problems of your feet; Sterilization. We can put a small amount of essential oil into the aromatherapy furnace, which can remove bacteria and viruses from the air, so we suggest that you can often get some essential oil aromatherapy at home, which is conducive to the physical and mental health of your family;

4. Bathe with essential oil.

At present, people’s life pressure is relatively high, so it is recommended that you can drop ten drops of tea tree essential oil when taking a bath, which can relieve pressure and eliminate pain very well;

In 1770, when Captain Cook of Britain landed in Australia on a voyage to explore, he found that the local Maori people picked a kind of leaves with strong smell to cook tea, so he called this plant “tea tree”. At the same time, when Maori people were accidentally cut in the field, they immediately picked wild tea leaves and mashed them. Applying the mashed tea leaves to the affected areas will soon recover. They will also smoke the tea leaves to relieve congestion.

Captain Cook was very curious, so he collected a lot of tea leaves locally and brought them back to Britain to be analyzed and studied by chemists. This is the beginning of the formal study of tea tree essential oil by humans in a scientific manner and attitude.

Tea tree essential oil is actually a pure natural plant essential oil extracted by distillation from the leaves of Melaleuca Myrtle. Tea tree essential oil has a broad spectrum of microorganisms, bacteriostasis, environmental protection, mild natural fragrance, no pollution, no corrosion, strong permeability, mild anti-inflammatory. It has mild local pain relief, biological strength, insect repellent and acaricidal effects, and is effective in treating acne. Its unique fragrance is helpful to refresh the mind.

Psychological effect: refreshes and rejuvenates the mind, especially for startled situations

(1) Tea tree is a powerful bactericidal essential oil, which helps the human immune system resist bacteria and shorten the time of infection

(2) It is recommended to use tea tree essential oil when you are infected with influenza and have mucous membrane inflammation.

The purification effect is excellent, and it can improve the suppuration of wound infection and boils. Remove small pimples and unclean parts caused by chickenpox and herpes zoster. It can be applied to burns, sores, sunburn, ringworm, warts, ringworm, herpes and athlete’s foot. It can also treat dry scalp and dandruff.

Do you know how to use tea tree essential oil now! At the beginning, the manipulation can be light, from light to heavy, so that it won’t hurt the injured part of our face!

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