Can I squeeze the pimples on my face? Can I squeeze the pimples on my face

Are you worried and crazy about acne on your face, and are eager to find effective and fast ways to remove acne. Perhaps you have seen the popular online tips for fast acne removal and various folk formulas for acne removal. However, we should also judge it, and we should not just use it. The following nine methods are simple and easy to learn. Let’s get rid of annoying acne together.

There are three cores to dispel acne:

1. Determine the generation potential of oil pollution. At the age of 18 or so, sebaceous glands secrete vigorously, and even with strong deoiling products, they will recover quickly. For people who enter the society after the age of 25, sebaceous glands secrete less and less. Using powerful deoiling products can easily lead to acne infection and purulence, leaving pockmarked faces.

2. And determines the potential of keratin formation. Keratin is an important factor in the formation of acne. During the age of 18, the metabolism of keratin is vigorous, but after the age of 25, the metabolism of keratin is getting slower and slower, and the protective effect of keratin still exists. If the same method is adopted, it is easy to lead to two different consequences

3. The cleanliness of the face is determined. Cleaning is the foundation of acne removal. All acne removal works are from the beginning, so it is important to clean and not hurt the skin.

Teach you nine ways to correct acne

1. Apply honey to remove acne

Honey is a relatively mild beauty ingredient. It is not only mild in nature, rich in nutrition, but also has antibacterial effect. Among bee products, propolis has the strongest antibacterial effect. Although the antibacterial effect of honey is not very strong, it is beneficial and harmless to acne skin and ordinary skin. It is mainly used for tender skin and sensitive skin.

2. Apply carrot facial mask to remove acne

Carrots are rich in carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A by human absorption. Vitamin A is one of the more effective ingredients for acne treatment at present.

3. Don’t squeeze with your hands

The formation of acne is because the secretion accumulated in the skin hair follicles cannot be discharged from the body. If it accumulates to a certain amount, it will affect the smooth exhaust of the skin, produce inflammatory symptoms, and then form red and swollen beans or white beans. Direct squeezing by hand can force the acne out of the body, but it is easy to squeeze the outer secretion that covers the acne, causing inflammation in a small area of the skin, and even causing a small amount of bleeding in local areas of the skin. If the time is long, the bacteria in the air will directly attack and inflame the skin within this range, forming uneven small holes, which will affect the beauty of the whole face. Therefore, if we usually have acne, we must not squeeze it directly with our hands.

4. Wash your face with rice washing water to remove acne

In addition to anti allergic vitamin B1 and antioxidant vegetable acid, rice washing water also contains skin moisturizing factor, which can prevent skin from being hurt and stimulated by external environment, and make skin healthy and defensible. Suitable for fragile and sensitive skin.

5. Don’t delay the time to get rid of acne

As the saying goes, “curing a disease is like fighting a fire”, so is treating acne. If you have acne on your face, we need to treat it in time, so as not to expand its damage scope and eventually form ugly acne marks. It will be very difficult to recover at that time. Therefore, we can’t delay the time to treat acne. Once it occurs, we need to go immediately!

6. Aloe cucumber facial mask

Aloe Vera and cucumber have anti-inflammatory effects. Fresh aloe vera can be cut into small pieces and applied to the affected part. Cucumber can be peeled and pressed into juice. After washing, it can be smeared on the face and rinsed off after about 30 minutes. Cucumber juice can also be drunk with honey, which is also very effective.

7. Ice block astringent water dispels acne

Whether you wash your face with warm water or cold water, after washing the soap on your face, put a basin of clean water with ice cubes in it, and rinse your face repeatedly with ice water. It is also useful to astringe and calm your skin.

8. Correct treatment

Many parts with pox have serious inflammation, and the way to distinguish serious inflammation is to see whether there is redness and swelling in the pox, or itching. When there is inflammation at the pox, we need to solve it through drug treatment. At this time, we can use both internal and external drugs for treatment. However, when choosing anti-inflammatory drugs for internal use, we should pay attention to: don’t choose anti-inflammatory drugs with strong effects, such as cephalosporins and sulfonamides… One has an impact on renal function, and the other has no effect after forming drug resistance!

9. Choose acne products

Choose acne products according to the activity of skin cells. If the activity is high, choose products with strong acne removing properties; if the activity is low, choose products with mild acne removing properties. Choose skin care products according to the current situation of acne. There are many pimples on the face, which mainly protect the skin. I choose mild acne removal products, but rarely choose prevention.

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