How many methods to squeeze pimples correctly to completely remove without leaving marks? I’ll teach you a few tricks to squeeze pimples correctly and completely remove them without leaving marks

What is the reason for acne on the forehead? Which organ of the body is closely related to? How can I recuperate to remove annoying forehead pox? Don’t worry, Xiaobian will help you analyze the reasons for acne on your forehead and how to regulate it, so that acne can stay away from your forehead.

Analyze the causes of acne on your forehead, and teach you how to regulate it

Four reasons for acne on the forehead

1. Life is irregular and toxins stay in the body

The pimples on your forehead keep popping up, and they are all big pimples, which means that too much toxin has accumulated in your liver. Yes, acne on your forehead is closely related to your liver. Because of the long-term irregular life, the day and night are reversed, and the long stay up, the liver passes by the normal detoxification time. The toxin in the body cannot be removed, and it will naturally accumulate in the body until it erupts.

2. High working pressure

Many white-collar workers like to have pimples on their forehead, but it is a long time since puberty, which is actually directly related to work pressure. Too much work pressure will cause psychological boredom, the secretion of hormones in the body will surge, sebum and oil secretion will not be released, and acne will grow on the forehead.

3. Sunburn and acne

When the skin is exposed to the sun for a long time, it will secrete a lot of oil and other secretions. If it is not cleaned and controlled in time, it will grow into acne and block pores. On weekdays, girls wear sunscreen and sunshade, which are effective ways to prevent acne on their forehead.

4. Radiation and stuffy environment

Facing computers is the current situation of many office workers. Long-term use of computers will make people’s skin unable to breathe fresh air. In addition, many girls will have bangs, so the forehead skin is in a sultry state all day long, metabolism is reduced, and acne will naturally take root and sprout.

Three hazards of wrong acne squeezing

In fact, acne is not impossible to squeeze. The correct way to squeeze acne is conducive to shortening the falling time of acne. However, if the method is wrong, it is easy to cause three major hazards: pits, pigmentation and scars.

Stop pox squeezing addiction!

For the sake of our face project, many people have a mentality of squeezing acne. Although this is not caused by that psychological phenomenon, squeezing acne is indeed a highly addictive behavior. Therefore, we should take this matter seriously and face up to whether we have the “disease” of squeezing acne addiction. If there is, necessary restraint and correction should be carried out, because the best way to eliminate acne is to fall off naturally after it matures, so as not to cause secondary skin damage and bacterial pollution.

Squeeze the acne randomly, and the pores become deformed and pitted

When we overcrowded and squeezed the skin around the acne, it would cause certain damage to the surrounding skin. Generally speaking, large pressure will destroy the connective tissue around the pores, deform them under pressure, and lose their elasticity, especially the skin in the T-shaped part is more vulnerable to damage. In addition, improper extrusion will also cause the spread of skin inflammation, which will make the skin unable to recover its normal elasticity after repair, forming a concave hole, which is commonly known as pox pit.

Pox spots and scars caused by excessive pox squeezing

When the skin is subjected to excessive external force, the tissue of the skin will be damaged and deformed, or congestion will occur, or inflammatory residues will be triggered to form pigmentation and acne scars. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, it is usually caused by siltation. We should pay attention to promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis to prevent pigmentation from producing acne spots. In addition, if acne scars are formed, remember not to uncover the scabs, so that they can heal naturally and be treated as soon as possible.

Squeeze pimples correctly to help you clean up pimples

Step 1. Clean your hands: your hands touch a lot of things, so they contain a lot of bacteria. In order to avoid secondary bacterial pollution and inflammation to your skin when squeezing acne, you must clean your hands first.

Step 2. Clean the skin and soften the stratum corneum: in daily life, the skin will metabolize and produce a lot of dirt, dead skin and bacteria, which will accumulate on the skin surface. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin before squeezing acne. Properly softening the stratum corneum and applying hot towels to relax pores are conducive to squeezing out acne more easily, reducing the pressure on the skin and reducing damage. After softening the horniness, put the anti-inflammatory water on the back row, put paper towels around the acne, and gently squeeze the skin around the acne with your fingers. Do not use excessive force to squeeze the acne.

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