How should natural black skin be whitened by these methods? How should natural black skin be whitened

As we all know, whitening can not be successful overnight, especially how can people who are born black naturally whiten? Today Xiaobian has sorted out some effective whitening methods for you. Let’s have a look.

Use plant whitening lotion

In their daily skin care, the first step is of course to use skin care products with whitening ingredients. Xiaobian suggests that students should choose whitening lotion containing plant ingredients, because this lotion can not only whiten and nourish the skin, but also astringe and moisturize, and play the role of secondary cleaning, so that the lotion can penetrate into the bottom of the skin faster and emit white and transparent light from the inside to the outside.

Milk facial whitening

Efficacy: as long as this milk facial dressing method is adhered to for a long time, it can make the skin white and even. Methods: first prepare a small cup of fresh milk. Students who have the conditions can put it into the refrigerator and freeze it. Then steam down their faces during this time. Then take out the milk and fill it with makeup cotton. Then apply it on their faces for 15 minutes. Then take it off and wash their faces with clean water.

Self made aspirin Whitening Facial Mask

Method: according to your own needs, take out a few aspirin tablets, then crush them into powder, and then add pure water to mix them well. You can use cotton swabs or cotton pads to dip an appropriate amount of aspirin solution onto your face, wait for 20-30 minutes, and then wash. You will find that your skin color is not only obviously white and even, but also very smooth and delicate.

TCM whitening

Efficacy: it can be generally used for acne and blackhead, narrowing pores near the nose, and whitening and tender skin. Materials: Radix Angelicae dahuricae, liquorice, nucleolus, Angelica sinensis, mung bean powder, sandalwood, etc. Methods: add honey, milk and 1 / 4 protein to the above ground materials, mix well, and then apply an appropriate amount to the face, avoiding the eyes and corners of the mouth. After it is dry, wash it with water, and persist in 1-2 times a week.

Lemon slice bath whitening

Lemon can not only whiten, but also effectively eliminate the thick cocoons on the heels and elbows. Therefore, it is advisable to put two or three fresh lemon slices in the bathtub before taking a bath every day, so that the skin can become white and delicate in the process of taking a bath.

Banana + Milk Body Mask Whitening

First, prepare the material of the body film: banana, purified water and full fat milk, then pound the banana into a paste, then add full fat milk and a small amount of water, mix and stir in a ratio of 3:5:1, and finally apply it to the whole body. After waiting for 20 minutes, wash it with clean water. Just use it once, and you will find that your skin is obviously tender and moist.

Homemade loofah juice Whitening Facial Mask

Method: wash and peel the fresh loofah, filter it in the juicer, then add an appropriate amount of facial mask to make a paste, and then evenly smear it on the face. As long as the facial mask is dry, you can wash it with clean water. You will find that the washed skin emits white luster from the inside out.

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