How to whiten black skin? The effect is good and the effect is fast. Black skin can be whitened with these 5 methods

As the saying goes, “one white covers a thousand ugly things”, everyone yearns for white skin, which bothers many black girls. What should we do with black skin? How can I turn white? Everyone has been paying close attention to the problem of whitening.

Experts have summarized some whitening methods for beauty seekers, hoping to help black mm realize their whitening dreams. Come and understand! 1. Pay attention to blood replenishment. Many women’s skin yellowing is related to blood deficiency. Women with blood deficiency usually feel tired, dizzy, and sometimes have palpitations

In addition, blood deficiency is also manifested as thin and white tongue coating, and it can also be found that the color of menstrual blood is relatively light and thin at ordinary times.

If it is blood deficiency, you can improve the dark yellow skin by supplementing blood. You can eat some natural foods with health effects, such as black beans, Nostoc flagelliforme, carrots, honeysuckle, longan meat and so on.

You can also drink Siwu soup to achieve the purpose of nourishing, that is, decoction angelica, chuanxiong, peony and raw land together.

At the same time, it will be better to cook with black chicken.

Also, you can eat more Chinese dates and Chinese wolfberry.

2. Do a good job in sunscreen. When you go out, you must pay attention to sunscreen. Sunscreen is the key to whitening. You can wear sunscreen, sunglasses and sunscreen hats, which are personal choices.

3. Adjust work and rest at ordinary times, we should adjust our work and rest time well, and never stay up late again. Staying up late will make your white skin gradually dim, lose luster, grow wrinkles, and become loose.

4. Regular exfoliation: if the stratum corneum is too thick and not treated in time, it will turn yellow and black, especially in the T-zone. If you use exfoliation and skin care products such as scrub irregularly, the whole face will turn dark yellow.

However, the membrane facial mask (removable) bought in the mall should be done less, and it is enough to do it once a week, and more will damage the newly grown cuticle.

5. Reduce the number of make-up. Cosmetics contain a variety of heavy metals, which are very harmful to the skin.

Many people with long-term makeup experience once they take off their makeup, their skin color is dull and rough, and there is no luster at all.

Therefore, try not to wear makeup, and when it is unavoidable, wear light makeup.

If makeup is unavoidable, then make-up must be completely removed.

And drink more water. Water can accelerate metabolism and help to expel harmful substances from the body.

Some people are born with dark skin, and some people become black due to ultraviolet radiation. Different types need to choose different whitening methods, so as to achieve good results.

We must pay attention to skin care at ordinary times, and do a good job in sunscreen when we go out. If we are born with dark skin, we can choose to have cosmetic surgery to help us get white skin.

Have confidence in yourself. A confident woman is the most beautiful!

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