Seven details to see through your position in his heart

1. I think what you have is the best

He usually laughs at you for not having breasts and buttocks, pointing at Yang mm and saying: look at others, that’s what makes you smell good. When you are depressed because of his words, think about women’s appearance to please yourself, have the idea of going to plastic surgery, and seriously say to him: many people have gone to breast augmentation, and you want to go, he will be very angry and say: don’t be silly, it’s so good now.

Congratulations on finding a man who really loves you. He puts you in a very important position in his heart. If a man loves you, he will think that what you have is the best. Even if you are not tall, slim and handsome enough, he will still be fascinated by you.

2. When introducing you to a new friend, he will always gently embrace your waist, rather than cross your waist, smoke, stand aside and point with his fingers

Many men don’t take their girlfriends to heart, think that girlfriends are dispensable, and don’t pay attention to them. Therefore, when you meet some new friends, you don’t have to introduce them to you at all. Even if you have this idea, it’s just casual.

When contacting some new friends, women will be a little timid for fear of leaving a bad impression on each other’s friends. Therefore, at this time, the man who loves you will gently hug your waist, which makes you feel very safe and you have integrated into his life and the world.

3. Eat all your food

If a woman loves a man, she will risk becoming a yellow faced woman, still because he often goes into the kitchen and presents dishes of masterpieces, just to see the smile on your face. But some men ignore your hard work and sweat, and every time you cook a meal, it will be devalued.

The man who really puts you in his heart, no matter what you do, he always says it’s delicious. Once in a while: This is too salty. Even so, they ate them all. Until one time, a guest came to the house, and you made a large table of things. The guest said: do you seldom cook? You finally understand that the food you make is not delicious.

4. Care about your health

In love, women are usually injured, especially after accidental pregnancy. Many men, after being happy for a while, ignore the consequences. After a woman gets pregnant unexpectedly, they urge her to get rid of it.

The man who puts you at ease cares about your health. He will urge you to go to bed and get up early. Tell him to wake me up early in the morning. In the morning, you have to stay in bed. He called you several times, but you can’t get up. Finally, you get up late. You have to blame him for not calling you well. He was innocent and said: I can’t bear to call you because you slept so soundly. He just wants you to sleep a little longer, even if it’s just a little longer.

5. I will not hang up first at any time

When men are busy, they will be very tired of your phone. Many men will impatiently give a perfunctory word and urge you to hang up. Regardless of your feelings, let alone if the two sides are quarrelling.

The man who puts you at ease will spoil you all the time. Don’t hang up your phone first at any time. Even when both sides are arguing and angry, please wait patiently for you to hang up. When a man hangs up on the phone, a woman will be very upset and very upset. In fact, as long as a man does not hang up, a woman will feel that she has a sense of security. Even if a man behaves very angry, she will feel that you are just a knife with a tofu heart.

6. Always remember some special days

From love to marriage, you always have some special days, such as the first kiss, the wedding anniversary, the birth of a child… But how many men can really remember these important special days?

The man who puts you at ease must remember several special days, especially the days of the month. This day is more important to a woman than her birthday, so a man should generously invite her to a fancy restaurant or a fun place to have a big meal. Most importantly, remember to give her a bunch of big roses. If you feel it is necessary, you should also send some special commemorative gifts without losing your stinginess.

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