Every man has a junior in his heart

Cheating and having an affair have become a major killer in marriage. In people’s minds, men are always distracted, eating bowls and looking at pots. In a man’s love life, there will always be countless women of all kinds: his first girlfriend when he was in love, the campus beauty in his youth, the ambiguous colleagues who entered the workplace, and the strange women who met by chance… All these encounters will become the beautiful yearnings in a man’s heart.

After marriage, I thought that a man would be dedicated to maintaining a stable marriage, but you will find that there will be a junior in a man’s heart. It seems that the marriage life does not affect the addition of another woman to his emotional history. A man pursues love all his life. No matter whether his marriage life is happy or not, a man will leave a place for Xiao San in his heart. Why does a man get entangled with Xiao San in this life?

this little three is not that little three.

Speaking of junior three, people must think that it is the women who destroy their marriage life, fool around with their husbands and have illicit relations. However, the junior three mentioned here is not the junior three we usually think.

A junior who lives in a man’s heart may not have had sex with a man. This junior may have only met men once, or had a preliminary relationship. She may be in the past, may be in the present continuous tense, but may also be in a distant place… She may be a man’s first girlfriend, may be an ambiguous colleague in the workplace, may be a beautiful woman who meets by chance on the road, may be a confidant… Everything is possible.

Therefore, we can’t say that the husband is cheating or having an affair because these little threes only exist in the hearts of men, not necessarily in your real life.

psychology sustenance

Marriage seems to be happy, but trivial things affect the feelings between husband and wife every day, so there is a seven-year itch. Women will become more and more nagging, men will become more and more romantic, life will become more and more insipid, and troubles will increase day by day. Many men will start to get tired of marriage life.

The biggest difference between women and men is that women have a strong sense of responsibility for their families. When women get married, no matter how plain and difficult their lives are, they will experience extraordinary things in plain life and see hope in difficulties, because they have a strong sense of responsibility for the family and will not easily say divorce. Men, on the other hand, are often affected by physical desire, which blinds them and makes them do wrong things.

The little three living in a man’s heart is his psychological sustenance. That little three lives only in his heart, not in real life. The man places his dissatisfaction with life and his longing for life on the little three in his heart. He has all the advantages of his wife and removes all the shortcomings of his wife. He is a perfect goddess. It is because of the little three in a man’s heart that he won’t flirt in reality. This little three-dimensional is related to your marriage.

imaginary objects

All human beings have sexual fantasies, and men’s sexual fantasies appear very early. When they were babies, sucking breast milk was a manifestation. Generally, after eating breast milk, babies will touch their mothers’ breasts with their hands to seek a kind of psychological satisfaction, which is the embodiment of male sexual fantasy.

Men like to seek excitement and novelty, but wives are seldom willing to try new actions in their husband and wife life. They can’t give men new feelings, which makes men increasingly tired. Therefore, a man will hide a junior in his heart. This junior is like a sexy actress in a pornographic film. She has a graceful figure, can be competent for all kinds of difficult movements, gives a man a flying feeling, and makes him happy. When a man and his wife live a husband and wife life, this junior will jump out of the man’s heart and make the husband and wife life more harmonious and happy.

There is no right or wrong in sexual fantasy, because it is inherent in human life, and women also have sexual fantasies. Therefore, we don’t need to pay too much attention to the little three in men’s hearts.

Although this little three in a man’s heart rarely affects marital feelings, no matter how cultured women are, they are jealous. If you know the secret of a man, you will certainly make a fuss and won’t give a man a good life. Therefore, men will not easily tell all this to women, especially the women around them.

Almost every man has a colorful love life. A better man will keep Xiao San in his heart. Some excessive men will dig Xiao San out of his heart and let Xiao San intervene in real life and become a third party to affect his marriage life. After all, having a lover and a junior seems to be a capital for men to show off, and men will feel proud of it.

For women, if your husband only lives as a junior in his heart, then we should not put it in his heart. The more men prevent it, the more they resist it; However, if he brings junior three into your marriage life, then you don’t have to be polite to him. Don’t let these junior three break up your marriage.

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