Honey water can wash, whiten and remove wrinkles. Honey water can wash, whiten and remove wrinkles

1. Replenish water

The nature of each person’s skin is different, whether it is dry skin or neutral skin, which is mainly caused by the imbalance of water and oil in the skin itself. To put it simply, it is lack of water. Therefore, skin hydration is very important, and washing your face with honey water has the effect of hydration. People with moderately dry skin can usually add 2-3 drops of honey to the face washing water, wet the whole face when washing, and then gently pat and massage the face for a few minutes, which can make the skin smooth and delicate, but people with oily skin are not suitable for washing their faces with honey water. You can also make honey facial mask without anything to do, and the effect is also very good.

2. Beauty whitening

In addition to pursuing good skin, people of course want their own skin to be white and tender. If they want to have white skin, they may as well wash their faces with honey water. 50g honey, one egg white, put it in the bottle after stirring and seal it for use. It can be used for about a week. Put it in the refrigerator for storage. When you use it, pour a little into your palm, evenly smear it on your face, keep it for half an hour, and then wash it with clean water. It can tighten the facial skin, eliminate wrinkles, increase nutrition, clean and whiten the skin. One time in the morning and one time in the evening. After one month, the facial skin will be smooth, delicate, white and clean, and the effect will be better after long-term use.

3. Reduce wrinkles

With the growth of age, even if more skin care products are used, the face will still appear slack. In addition, wrinkles will appear constantly. At this time, honey water has a good effect of removing wrinkles and tightening skin. 50g honey and 15ml dry red wine. Mix the two evenly and apply it to your face and hands after washing your face in the morning and evening. Only in this way can you moisten and nourish your skin, remove wrinkles and beautify your appearance.

How to apply honey

What kind of state you want your skin to take on, the skin care methods you use are different. In fact, honey can also be directly applied to your face, and the effect is quite good. Applying honey directly has a very good cosmetic effect, and this conclusion is verified. There was once a woman writer who was 80 years old, but she didn’t look like this age at all, and she was very young, with no wrinkles on her face. She just took a gauze and dipped it in some honey juice to wipe her face every morning. For decades, she has been persistent. Therefore, the beauty effect of honey is true.

Some food can be eaten, but it can also be used for skin care, and honey is the same. If you want to have good skin, it is crucial to wash your face with honey water for a long time. Modern research shows that the skin often smeared with honey has tight, orderly and elastic epidermal cells, which can also effectively reduce or remove wrinkles. The usual way to smear is to dilute honey with 2-3 times water, apply it to the face every day, and massage appropriately. You can also soak honey with gauze and gently wipe your face.

Honey Facial Mask beauty

1. Honey egg facial mask

Eggs are an essential food in daily life. They not only contain rich protein, but also have a good effect on beauty. If honey and eggs are used together, the beauty effect will be doubled. Honey egg facial mask: take the egg white of an egg and stir it in a bowl until it bubbles, then add 20g honey and mix well. After taking a bath, evenly smear it on the face and hands, let them dry naturally, wash them with water after 30 minutes, twice a week. This facial mask can moisturize, beautify and whiten the skin.

2. Honey Milk Facial Mask

Among daily drinks, milk is widely welcomed. Milk not only contains high nutrients, but also has a good effect on whitening skin. It can be used not only for skin care alone, but also with honey. Honey milk facial mask: take 10g of honey, 10ml of fresh milk and 1 egg yolk, mix them evenly, prepare them into paste, apply them to your face after washing, and wash them off after 20 minutes, once a day. This facial mask can nourish the skin, prevent wrinkles, and make the skin white and tender.

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