What is the super acne removing method? What is the super acne removing method

Nowadays, life is getting more and more tense. The pressure of life and irregular diet lead to acne on young people’s faces. Stubborn acne marks have always been a worry of young people. Now let me introduce some food and facial massage methods that help remove acne marks, so that you can easily get rid of the pain of acne and acne marks.

1、 Acne removing recipe

1. Papaya ginger boiled in vinegar

Prepare 100ml of mature vinegar, 60g of papaya and 9g of ginger.

Put them together in a casserole for frying. When the vinegar is boiled dry, take out the papaya and ginger and put them in a warm place to eat.

Do it once a day and eat it twice in the morning and evening. After eating for 7 days, the acne will subside obviously.

2. Kelp and mung bean soup

Prepare 15 grams of kelp, mung beans, 9 grams of sweet almonds, 6 grams of roses and an appropriate amount of brown sugar.

Wrap the roses in cloth, cook them with other ingredients, remove the roses and add some brown sugar.

One bowl a day, long-term persistence, persistence for a month, acne will completely disappear.

3. Strawberry Yogurt

Strawberries contain a lot of salicylic acid, which can remove excess oil from the skin and has a very good effect on acne.

You can mash fresh strawberries and then add the same amount of yogurt to your face.

Apply it once a day, and the acne can be quickly eliminated.

4. Fruit and vegetable mung bean juice

Prepare mung beans, Chinese cabbage, celery, bitter gourd, persimmon pepper and apple. Wash and cook mung beans for 30 minutes, then strain out the juice.

Then wash the cabbage, celery, balsam pear, persimmon pepper and apple, cut them into sections or pieces, fry them into juice, add mung bean juice, squeeze a few lemon juice, and mix them together.

A little honey will make the taste better.

Drinking it 1-2 times a day can clear away heat, detoxify and acne, especially for the elimination of newly formed acne.

2、 Acne removing massage

1. Massage

Rub the scar with the root of the palm three times a day for 5-10 minutes each time.

This method has the best effect on fresh scabs, but is less effective on old scars

2. Ginger friction method

Gently rubbing the scar after slicing ginger can inhibit the continued growth of granulation tissue.

3. Vitamin e application method

Vitamin E can penetrate into the skin and play its moisturizing role. At the same time, vitamin E can also maintain the elasticity of the skin.

But we may not be very familiar with the scar removing effect of vitamin E.

Prick the vitamin E capsule with a needle, take the liquid inside, smear it on the scar, gently rub it for 5-10 minutes, twice a day, and perseverance will have a better effect.

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