Super effective all-round acne removal methods what are the super effective all-round acne removal methods

Pimples on the side mandible: if there are pimples on the skin at the junction of the neck and face, it is usually due to poor lymphatic detoxification. Improvement: when wiping skin care products, you may as well scrape the lymphatic places with your fingers, and you can detoxify them in a few minutes. In addition, scraping can be used to help the body detoxify. Content navigation: long acne on the side mandible, long acne on the nose, long acne on the left cheek, long acne on both sides of the nasal wing, long acne on the hair bun, long acne on the eye head area, long acne on the right cheek, and long acne on the nose. Situation: it may be because of excessive stomach fire and some digestive system disorders. Improvement: eat less cold food. Cold food is easy to cause gastric acid secretion and cause excessive stomach fire. Yintang acne: the acne that appears in the middle of two eyebrows is usually accompanied by chest tightness, arrhythmia and palpitation

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