What kind of sleeping posture to lose weight

For many people, losing weight is a very painful thing. They can’t eat the food they like or wear the clothes they like. In fact, it is very simple and important to choose the method to lose weight. Here is a sleep weight loss method, which can let you easily have a good figure. What kind of sleeping posture to lose weight? Let’s get to know each other.

What kind of sleeping posture to lose weight

1. Fetal potential. Sleeping position can relax the muscles of the body, at least the internal organs that are pressed by the heart, gastrointestinal tract and bladder. When you lie on your back, falling back due to the relaxation of the tongue root will block your throat and affect the smoothness of the respiratory tract.

2. Cat posture. Most of the time, the body is on the right side, the hind limbs are bent, the right side of the body is close to the head, and the left leg is naturally vertical. This is very similar to the standard sleep posture advocated by the Chinese in traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes that the sleeping posture is “lying position”. The standard posture is: the right side of the body is the right leg, the right leg and the left leg are straight, the left upper limb is straight, and the left thigh is straight. This sleeping posture will not hurt the heart. Curl up like a cat, the brain will soon calm down and enter a sleepy state, and the goal of losing weight can be achieved through sleep.

In addition, if the alarm clock in the morning is hard to wake you up, you need more sleep time. Try going to bed 15 minutes early until you find the best time to sleep, which will take about a week. Proper sleep time and the cultivation of sleep habits are very helpful for weight loss.

We should also pay attention to choosing reasonable weight loss food, such as avoiding high calorie food and choosing healthy diet, which is very helpful for weight loss. Under normal circumstances, it is best to guarantee 7.5 hours of sleep and insist on 7.5 hours of sleep every day. The closer the sleep time is to this goal, the more obvious the weight loss effect of sleep weight loss method. Of course, this does not mean that the more sleep you get, the more you lose.

Sleep is an indispensable physiological phenomenon. Losing weight is a lifelong career that women cannot give up. Sleeping posture weight loss method has been analyzed in detail and introduced to friends. I hope you can get useful information and make better use of sleep to lose weight. In addition, there are many ways to lose weight. You can choose the way you like and suit yourself. If you persevere, you will have a good body.

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