Can more changes in sleeping posture prevent urinary tract knots?

A survey by the University of California in the United States shows that unilateral urinary tract stones are related to the sleeping posture, so experts remind that changing the sleeping posture when sleeping can help prevent urinary tract stones.

The University of California investigated the sleep habits of 110 patients with urinary tract stones. The results showed that 80% of patients with right kidney stones were used to sleeping with right side down and left side up, while 70% of patients with left kidney stones were used to sleeping with left side down and right side up; Only 17% of them toss and turn in sleep, which indicates that unilateral urinary tract stones are related to their sleeping posture. Therefore, patients with urinary tract stones had better change their sleeping posture more to avoid long-term compression of the kidneys and the generation of new stones.

What is most easily ignored by stone patients is that they eat too much before going to bed, which can easily form new urinary tract stones overnight. Because the concentration of various substances in urine is easily affected by food, and reaches its peak 2-4 hours after eating. And because there was no sufficient time for digestion after eating, he went to bed immediately and did not supplement water during bedtime, resulting in urinary tract stones. Therefore, it is important to finish eating 4 hours before bedtime and not eat any food before bedtime to prevent stones.

Urinary tract stones less than 0.4cm are easy to drain with urine, so drink more water, don’t hold your urine, do more appropriate exercises, such as brisk walking, cycling, jogging, swimming, rope skipping, and rhythmic dancing with less exercise. In addition, change your sleeping posture, so that patients can quickly get away from the pain of stones.

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