Whitening methods for all ages? Whitening methods for all ages

Why does the skin color turn black

Under the irradiation of UVA and UVB in ultraviolet rays, melanin, a protein in the basal layer of the skin, will change, generating a substance to protect the skin to eliminate the inflammation of the dermis caused by ultraviolet rays. After that, these melanins move layer by layer through cell metabolism, and then they accumulate in the epidermal layer of the skin, forming color spots and other problems.

Whitening principle

Whitening is to disperse and metabolize melanin accumulated on the skin surface, improve local dullness, and make the overall skin tone transparent and uniform. What whitening should do is to suppress and dilute melanin as much as possible, not to destroy it.

20 years old, everything starts with sunscreen

Skin monologue: at the age of 20, I have no problem with black spots. The melanin I produce is used to prevent ultraviolet rays. It can be regarded as a natural physiological phenomenon to protect me from damage. To stop melanin at the source

Whitening addition: Although you still have a good metabolism, you must remember that the most direct and lasting whitening scheme is to develop the habit of applying sunscreen every day. In addition to general sunscreens, some lotion with SPF can be more convenient for sunscreen every day.

Whitening subtraction: with the key protection of sunscreen and isolation cream, the expensive whitening essence can be gradually omitted. Young mm has limited economic capacity. Since the skin is not deserted, why not focus on defense?

30-year-old: relieve pressure and whiten deeply

Skin monologue: when I was 30 years old, I was often too busy to breathe due to the pressure of work and life, resulting in deeper color spots. I’m not happy! In recent years, whitening research reports show that stress is often one of the culprits of deepening pigment problems. Whether it is from external or internal pressure, it can also stimulate the hormone to produce melanin.

Whitening addition: many skin care brands have launched pigment problems caused by “stress” and “inflammation”, so there should be multiple choices when choosing products. In terms of material selection, it can generally achieve antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects to balance various disturbances in the cortex. In addition, some brand formulas of Whitening Face Cream emphasize the mildness and soothing nature of pharmaceutical makeup, whiten you while reducing pressure, and it is recommended to cooperate with massage techniques!

Whitening subtraction: with the close care of whitening face cream, you can appropriately reduce the exfoliation homework. The metabolism of 30-year-old mm gradually weakens, and the accumulation speed of the stratum corneum also slows down obviously. It is recommended to reduce the number of exfoliations according to your own skin condition!

40 years old, strike melanin accurately

Skin monologue: when I was young, I didn’t have the concept of maintenance and missed the best time to prevent melanin. With the increase of age, the metabolism slows down, and black spots have been deeply imprinted on the cheeks. So we must find a funny whitening helper that can fight against color spots accurately.

Whitening addition: all brands have invested a lot of manpower and material resources to study spot lightening products suitable for oriental people. Some intensive whitening essence are relatively expensive, but they are much better than going to beauty salons to take care of them or having to suffer from pain to use lasers to fight spots. What’s more, these products will provide anti-aging effects other than whitening and lightening spots at the same time, and achieve a variety of effects such as preventing color spots, lightening spots, repairing cells and moisturizing, which are absolutely in line with the time-saving conditions.

Whitening subtraction: 40 year old women pay the most attention to cost performance in whitening work. Some whitening lotion with low price but mediocre efficacy can be omitted, which can transfer the appeal of cosmetic lotion to moisturizing.

Three methods of whitening in early autumn

1 bright: exfoliate

The basic means of whitening is to remove cutin, which is often ignored by people. Because the whitening process is also a process of skin cleaning and cell renewal, only by removing the accumulated dirt for the skin can we ensure that the pores breathe smoothly, the cells metabolize healthily, achieve a clear texture from the inside to the outside, and open the way for the skin to absorb more nutrients. In addition to daily T-zone cleaning, the exfoliation procedure once or twice a week must not be omitted.

2 glow: calm skin

There is a “whitening season” in the skin care industry, but there is seldom a “moisturizing season”. It can be seen that hydration and moisturizing is a year-round task. Skin whiteness cannot be without water. It is fundamental to use appropriate water, cream, facial mask and moisturizing spray to keep skin hydrated at all times. In particular, after sun exposure and staying up late, a large amount of skin moisture will be lost. If water is not replenished in time, the dull and yellowish state will change from temporary symptoms to long-term ones, which greatly increases the difficulty of whitening.

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