Different ages have different ideal time to get up

In the same family, young people usually sleep until noon, while old people usually get up before dawn. That’s because the biological clocks of different ages are different. Next, I’d like to introduce the best health maintenance schedule from the age of 20 to 70.

[20 years old] 09:30

However, for white-collar workers who have to go to work at nine o’clock, it seems a little late, but remember, what we are discussing here is only the ideal time to get up. According to Dr. Kelly, a sleep expert at Oxford University, when you are awake, two things control your brain – one keeps you awake and the other drives you to sleep and rest. This is caused by several different hormones: melatonin, sleep hormone, orexin and wakefulness hormone. For people aged 20-30, the secretion of orexin will not be higher than that of melatonin before noon.

[30 years old] 08:10

Dr Kelly said: when you turn 30, your brain, lungs and muscles will enter a “slow development” state, so your biological clock will remind you to get up at an earlier time.

[40 years old] 07:50

At this age, your wake-up hormone will start to secrete when you fall asleep, so you will get up earlier.

[50 years old] 07:00

You have entered the second half of your life, so your brain can clearly understand what kind of sleep you should have, so it only takes a few minutes for you to enter a deep sleep state.

[60 years old] 06:30

Your body knows that the most beneficial time is to get up with the sun. Getting up at this time is of great benefit to the physical fitness arrangement of the day.

[70 years old] 06:00

You will wake up easily because your biological clock will be about half an hour earlier.

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