How long can I keep fit after cesarean section

Many women eat too much good things when they are pregnant, resulting in weight changes. They want to recover their body as soon as possible after giving birth to their baby, but because it is a caesarean section, they are worried that early fitness will be harmful to their health. How long can they get fit after a caesarean section?

Generally speaking, it’s best to exercise 6 months after cesarean section. Because caesarean section is more harmful to the body, it takes a long time to recover. It is generally recommended to exercise at least half a year. You can do some fitness exercises in about three months. Two and a half months after cesarean section, avoid strenuous exercises such as sit ups and badminton, and do aerobics. Taking part in a large amount of exercise too early is counterproductive. Generally, bodybuilding mainly focuses on the movement of trunk and limbs. In the process of exercise, abdominal muscle tension increases abdominal pressure, so that the ligaments and muscles in the pelvic cavity are under pressure from above, which intensifies the relaxed state. Therefore, it is best to exercise 6 months after cesarean section.

Secondly, in order to recover as soon as possible, jogging and cycling can be used to keep fit. Running can not only exercise the body, but also burn fat. If you are afraid of catching cold when you go out, you can buy a treadmill to jog at home. Running to lose weight is a long-term process and needs to be adhered to. Riding a bicycle can exercise curvaceous beauty, and it is also good to lose weight. It can exercise the thighs, waist and abdomen, which means that all three places can lose more fat. Exercise at least several times a week, such as pushing a stroller, participating in community-based sports training classes for new mothers, swimming, cycling, etc.

In addition, sit ups can also be used for fitness. First, lift the body 10 to 20 cm above the ground, tighten the abdominal muscles and pause for a while, and then slowly lower the body back to its original position. When you land on your back, you can start the next cycle. In addition, there is a solid ball thrown up. Sit on a bench with adjustable angle and adjust the bench to an angle of 45 degrees with the ground. Lie down with your head facing the floor and your feet hooked on the support bar of the bench. Hold a solid ball in both hands above your chest. When your upper body rises, throw the ball straight up. Catch the ball and return to the beginning. Repeat 12 to 15 times.

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