Is it harmful to the human body to put the mobile phone at the head of the bed for charging?

Many people have questions about whether charging mobile phones at the bedside is harmful to health, but there has never been an accurate answer. If we want to find out whether cell phone charging is harmful to human body, we should first know what is harmful to us: radiation.

Mobile phones are one of the major radiation sources in life. If there is no radiation, mobile phones will have no signal. The worse the signal or the lower the battery level, the higher the radiation of mobile phones will be.

According to the daily mail of the United Kingdom recently, researchers from the University of Granada in Spain said that the short wavelength blue light emitted by electronic devices such as smartphones during charging would destroy the production of melatonin in the human body, thus affecting metabolism in the new city, leading to obesity and diabetes.

According to the data, putting the mobile phone in the inner pocket of the coat is easy to cause heart disease, and putting it in the trouser pocket is easy to cause infertility and so on. To reduce the radiation of mobile phones, you can try to use Bluetooth earphones or earphone cables,

In addition, if the charger breaks down or the hardware of the mobile phone breaks down during the charging process when the mobile phone is placed at the bedside, people may be injured. Although the probability is extremely low, this kind of news is not absent. We should be careful. It’s best not to put your mobile phone at the head of your bed to charge it.

compared with other Health problems brought by mobile phones, radiation is only a small matter

1. Neck lines: for women who love beauty, this is a “blow”. When they lower their heads to play with mobile phones, the pressure on their necks is greater than usual, and the muscles of their necks grow vertically, which is easy to sag due to excessive pulling and other reasons. Moreover, bowing the head for a long time will squeeze the muscles of the neck, leading to accelerated aging of epidermal cells and deepening of neck lines.

2. tenosynovitis

Young people who love to play mobile phones, especially those who love mobile games, are prone to tenosynovitis. Symptoms include soreness and cramps in fingers, wrists and forearms. If the mobile phone is too large than the palm, the thumb will keep abducting for a long time, and the whole palm will also exceed the position of the functional position, which will cause hand and wrist strain, hand numbness, hand weakness and other symptoms.

3. Ophthalmic diseases

In addition to the well-known risk of myopia, playing mobile phones for a long time may also lead to dry, sore, congested eyes, and even serious conjunctival tissue lesions and other eye diseases.

this can be done to reduce the time spent playing mobile phones and not to be a “bow head”:

1. Neck and shoulder muscle exercise: head raising, neck extension, neck rotation and chest expansion exercises are performed 10-20 times each time, every one to two hours. This can be used to relax neck muscles and relieve neck fatigue when you are tired.

2. Looking up farsightedness method: when going out for a walk, consciously look up at the sky, and enjoy the calligraphy and painting photos hanging indoors during work and rest. This is not only a relaxing mood, but also an exercise method that can eliminate eye fatigue, relax neck muscles and vertebral joints, and achieve more with one stroke.

warm tip: for those who play with their heads down for a long time, the sleep pillow should be slightly lower so that the head and neck muscles are in a neutral position, so that the neck muscles and other parts of the body can relax and have a full rest.

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