Nine habits and a good mood

As the saying goes, the mind is born from the environment, and good daily habits can affect and even improve the psychological state. Recently, the US MSN website published an article, taking stock of nine daily habits that can improve mental health, and these small habits can be easily integrated into our work and life, so that people can have a good mood every day.

head up and chest up walk a study found that people who consciously and actively raise their heads, chest and shoulders when walking are more likely to have a good mood and good mood. Time magazine reported that if people walk with their shoulders loose and their backs bent, they are more likely to dwell on negative thoughts than positive ones.

don’t “shoot wherever you go” you may think that photographing meaningful moments and scenes will make you remember more deeply, but a study published in psychological science has found that the actual situation is just the opposite. People often forget when they are photographed. If you really want to take photos, concentrate on what you want to take, and remember to enjoy the moment.

keep exercising a study by University College London found that exercising three times a week could reduce the risk of depression by 19%. On the other hand, exercise can also effectively alleviate depression. When you are in a bad mood, you can try walking and running.

stop procrastinating the longer a person delays completing a task due to fear or anxiety, the more headache, upset and guilty he will have. You can first listen to music, exercise and fitness to relieve your inner pressure, and then make a good plan and implement it immediately.

end the “toxic” marriage If a partner is always disappointing, such a marriage will gradually erode people’s self-esteem, and eventually make them anxious and even depressed. We should listen to the objective views of friends or family members on our partners, and reflect on and pay attention to whether we are in a harmful marriage.

increase sleep time if you don’t get enough sleep, your body can’t work normally, and adequate sleep is “magic medicine”. If you find yourself having trouble falling asleep, you should find out the cause as soon as possible. If normal sleep cannot be guaranteed, seek professional treatment.

give yourself some time when dealing with friends, family and colleagues, we want to make everyone satisfied and happy, which means ignoring ourselves. Finding time to be alone and doing something you like can help you resist anxiety and depression.

play less with electronic devices smart phones, tablets and laptops will over stimulate the brain and eyes. Long term use will not only be harmful to physical health, but also bring huge psychological burden. Try “electronic detoxification” every week, such as not touching electronic devices for half a day or several hours.

stop multitasking e-mail when eating, listen to music when walking, play with your mobile phone when having a party… Some studies show that multitasking can increase stress. Concentrating on one thing and deeply feeling one thing will make your mind feel much more relaxed and happy. (compiled by Li Wei)

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