Poor long-term sub-health and disease resistance

Fatigue, forgetfulness, insomnia… Are all manifestations of “sub-health”. According to the results of a global survey by the World Health Organization (who), only 5% of the people truly meet the definition of health by the WHO and meet the health standards, and 75% of the people are in a state between health and disease, that is, sub-health.

give your health a score

Due to the busy work, high pressure, poor environment and other factors, it is very easy to fall into “sub-health”. Have you become one of them? You may as well make a test by referring to the table below.

1. I feel tired in the morning and don’t want to get up;

2. I often can’t sleep at night, can’t sleep deeply, and my mental condition is very bad;

3. I can’t remember what I think well the next day;

4. Unwilling to communicate with others, resulting in reduced work efficiency;

5. Easy to get angry and control bad emotions;

6. Irregular eating and lack of appetite;

7. Too much entertainment and poor energy;

8. In the flu season, I bear the brunt;

9. Overweight (or substandard), lack of exercise;

10. Often feel tired, chest tightness and shortness of breath at work;

interpret alerts from the body

If your body has appeared 7-10 symptoms in the self-test table, it indicates that your sub-health has been very serious.

If we regard health and disease as two ends of the life process, it is like an olive with two pointed ends and a large protruding part in the middle, which is in the transitional state between health and disease – sub-health. Fatigue, insomnia, poor appetite and emotional instability are the main manifestations of sub-health in the early and middle stages.

Generally speaking, sub-health will not bring definite diseases to the body, but if the body is in a weak state for a long time, the disease resistance ability of the body becomes very low. If this state can not be corrected in time, in the long run, when diseases invade, the body cannot resist them, and various physical and mental diseases will be caused.

golden dragon fish rice oil teaches you how to get out of sub-health

The harm of sub-health can not be underestimated, and the busy urban white-collar should pay enough attention to it. Experts pointed out that to adjust the sub-health state, we need to start from four aspects:

Improve diet reasonably. As the saying goes, “medicine box” is not as good as “vegetable basket”. A healthy diet helps to eliminate this unhealthy state. Edible oil can not be separated from meals. It is simple and easy to improve sub-health status through it. Golden Arowana Valley vitamin C rice oil not only has a good fatty acid composition, but also contains rich γ- Oryzanol, phytosterol, natural vitamin E (including tocotrienols) and other physiologically active substances. γ- As a natural antioxidant, oryzanol can help regulate the autonomic nerves, calm and help sleep, effectively alleviate fatigue, and if taken daily, it can help the body recover its vitality and energy.

Adjust psychology and release pressure. A survey in the United States shows that mental health is the hallmark of all successful people. In life, it is inevitable that there will be pain and trouble. To cope with various challenges, the most important thing is to maintain psychological balance in time through psychological adjustment.

Improve sleep quality and mental status. If you lose sleep for a long time, your brain will not get enough rest, which will inevitably increase oxygen consumption. Severe insomnia will enter a vicious cycle of hypoxia excitement insomnia. At this time, it is possible to reasonably absorb oryzanol through food (such as rice oil) to help the body sleep.

Increase outdoor sports. Outdoor sports such as mountain climbing, running and cycling can help relax the body and mind, improve the vitality of the body and improve the physiological function. Outdoor sports once a week is the best, and pay attention to full rest after sports.

Health tips: besides being suitable for Chinese cooking (frying and frying), Golden Dragon Valley vitamin rice oil has another wonderful function – adding a small spoonful of Golden Dragon Valley vitamin rice oil when steaming rice can directly restore the essence of rice, and the cooked rice is crystal soft and tastes better!

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